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If you are looking for fun and excitement and do not know where you would like to travel for holidays here you are the most important holiday destinations of the world by the World Tourism Organization: France, Spain, USA, Italy, China, United Kingdom, Austria , Mexico, Germany and Canada.


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South America

Cheap holiday destinations

The most popular continent is Europe where can can have cheap holidays depending on our destination. Europe is the most sought holiday destination for all travelers who want to enjoy the architecture, history and culture of different countries in their holidays. The most visited country in Europe is Italy wich is an affordable and cheap holidays destination, followed closely by France (expensivier) and the United Kingdom. These 3 receive 18% of annual visits made to Europe. Closely followed by Spain which is another example of cheap holidays destination and Germany a little less cheap but yet an affordable destination. Spain is a beach holidays destinations, holidays in Spain means sun and beach, but with culture and a very active nightlife.

If we want to get the most of our holidays, a rental car is needed, check our offers..

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