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Car hire United Arab Emirates

UAE overviewPlanning your visit to the United Arab Emirates?, car hire UAE may be a good choice if we want to get the most from our visit, but it would be a good idea to take in consideration our driving tips below:

The blood alcohol level allowed is 0, the UAE authorities are not flexible on this matter, and if you are found driving with an higher level of alcohol in blood you may be jailed and deported to your country.

Driving in the UAE if it's vacation time does not require any formal recognition, but if you reside in the UAE will then have to apply for international driving license which is valid for one year. If you are not coming from Europe, for example U.S., you will need an international driving license for the vacation time.

We offer car hire in the UAE from the top car rental companies like Avis, Hertz or Sixt, check our cheap prices and compare car hire in the United Arab Emirates.

Car rental UAE tips

The rate of car accidents in the UAE is one of the highest in the world and one of the leading causes of death, because drivers travel at high speeds. A style of dangerous and reckless driving is common, especially on motorways. Another danger on the highways is the sand on the pavement.All accidents must be reported to the police, and you should stay in place until the authorities arrive.

UAE Motorways and highways

The highways in the UAE are in excellent conditions. There are good paved roads in the route that runs along the west coast between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah, between Sharjah and Dubai Dhaid and connecting with other cities in the north and inland.

The road system is based on British and European standards, with many roundabouts and channelized traffic. Traffic signals are understandable, clear and consistent.

Driving tips in the UAE

The country's laws impose severe penalties for certain offenses, especially if you drive drunk. In the UAE there is zero tolerance regarding drinking and driving, and penalties may include heavy fines and even jail. Muslims can become whipped if they drive while under the influence of alcohol.

Fuel price in the UAE is very cheap compared with other countries, specially Europe.

The maximum speed allowed in the UAE are:

There is a road toll on Garhoud Bridge and Sheikh Zayed road.

Minimum age for car hire UAE

The legal minimum age for driving a car in the UAE is 18 years.To rent a car in the UAE, s ome companies requiere that you are at least 21 years old, others will require that you are 25 to hire a car in the UAE.

Driving license in UAE

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi to drive is necessary to have an International Driver License, while on the rest of the country can only drive if you have a local driving license. Licenses from other countries are not valid. In no way are advised to drive without a license.

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi to drive is necessary to have an International Driver License, while the rest of the country can only drive if they have a local license. Licenses from other countries are not valid.

Motorbikes in UAE

It is very dangerous to travel on motorcycle in the UAE, which is the reason they are not common. We will see just a few which are used by courier and parcel services.

Useful telephone numbers in UAE

Please notice that the models below will be available depending on the destination. Some destinations in Asia only have chauffer services while others offers a wide selection of car rental models for a cheap price.

Cheap car hire in United Arab Emirates

From our more than 450 car hire provides, you will be able not only to rent a car from our wide selection, but to compare car hire prices and get the cheapest car hire offers in United Arab Emirates .

Below are a list of some of our economy and cheap car hire United Arab Emirates and at United Arab Emirates airport.

By selecting the cheapest car hire, it is possible to get long term car rental in United Arab Emirates for your long term holidays, even when your budget is limited.

Luxury, exotic and premium United Arab Emirates car hire

If you can afford a luxury car you may be looking for a comfortable luxury car hire in United Arab Emirates...we manage a wide selection of premium cars.

Some Asian destinations weather is nice enough for driving with a cabrio. Why not choosing a cabrio car hire and feeling the air while driving in United Arab Emirates?

9 seater to 12 seater minivan United Arab Emirates car hire

Sometimes we do not travel alone or with a partner; if we travel with our family or friends we may need a 7 seater or 12 seater minivan car hire United Arab Emirates. Why renting 2 cars for all members of your group when is possible to rent a 9 seater together?.We manage a large variety of familiar cars to rent in United Arab Emirates.

Explore and enjoy United Arab Emirates with your family car!.

Car hire with chauffer service

Many cities in Asia only have available car hire with chauffer service, so depending on your destination you will be able to rent a car with or without chauffer.

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