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Car hire Canada

Canada is a big country, so that residential and commercial areas tend to be scattered over large distances. For many areas outside of downtown, that is the main reason you may need a car to travel to and from wherever you want to go in Canada. Before you buy or rent a car, you should consider other means of transport and evaluate your budget to determine how much you can spend. Car hire Canada can be cheaper than using public transport every day or transfers in Canada.

Canada currently ranks among the world's most developed countries. This is due to its infrastructure, investment, land area and living standards of its population, ie an economically sustainable level.

Among its top tourist cities by the type of landscape, flora and fauna, are Montreal and Quebec, where French is spoken.

If you are visiting Canada, the car hire Canada option is for you. There is nothing better than the transportation in Canada using your own vehicle.

Car rental in Canada

Outside the big cities of Canada, there are little villages or small towns, where you can find a very relaxing atmosphere and different from the routine life of cities. Discover the beauty of those villages with your own car, rent a car in Canada with us and benefit from the best prices and insurance. We only work with the top car rental companies!

If you are spending less than a year in Canada, an international driving license is sufficient. If you want to establish your permanent residence in Canada or you plan to stay for several years,you may need to get a Canadian driver's license. We can provide cheap car rental for long term in Canada.

Visit our Car rental locations in Canada and browse from there all of the USA states and check our car rental USA rates by introducing your age.

Driving in Canada

Driving in Canada can be a great pleasure. During off-peak hours (between 7 and 9:30 am and between 3:30 and 6pm) in big cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, there is little traffic and roads are generally in excellent condition with several lanes.

Most important to the Canadian authorities is the welfare of those who pass through streets and highways. In the cities is very important to respect the maximum speed indicators (signs are usually quite visible). Normally within cities, especially in residential areas the maximum is 40 km / hour. Remember that in Canada uses the metric system, so that all signs are in kilometers maximum. Large avenues maximum can be up to 60 (if so marked).

While driving on highways, although the maximum speed indicates 100 km/h, try to drive according to the traffic flow. In practice, this is a standard that Canadians do not follow theirselves. The left lane is technically not a high-speed lane, but a passing lane. Many drivers use it as a high-speed rail.

A speed of between 110 and 120 km / hour is normal for Canadian highways. If your speed is going to be below 100 we recommend to take the right lane.

Drinking and driving is a very serious offense in Canada. Each province has different levels of blood alcohol allowed in drivers. If you are caught driving over those levels, you could end up in jail!. Check with the authorities of each province or the Canadian Auto Club of your choice (eg to find out what the maximum legal levels of alcohol in the blood while driving. The best is only soft drinks or sodas if you're driving!

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