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Car hire Moldova

Moldova has a landscape of rolling hills and plains. Its cities preserve the landmark buildings, a legacy of the era of the czars, more than a million gardens and a varied fauna of the area. If you want to enjoy the landscape and the country, a good idea is Molvoda car hire. Check our prices, car hire in Moldova is a wise choice.

The western border of Moldova is bounded by the Prut River, which joins the Danube before flowing into the Black Sea. To the northeast, the Dniester is the main river crossing the country from north to south.

Moldova map

The country has no access to the sea, even when it is near the Black Sea. While the northern part of the country is mountainous, elevations not exceeding 430 meters.

Car rental tips in Molvova

The crime rate in recent years in Moldova, including organized crime, has increased due to the worsening economic situation. Foreign citizens are one of the main objectives of this criminal activity. The robberies in the houses of foreign nationals have increased too. Particular care should be taken to prevent theft in hotels and public transportation and to avoid driving at night outside the center of Chisinay and other urban centers.

Using your own vehicle in Molvoda is a wise option, try to evade the public transport and also driving at night. Car rental Moldova is cheap and secure, we work with the top car rental providers and compare prices for our customers.

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Cheap car hire in Moldova

From our more than 450 car hire provides, you will be able not only to rent a car from our wide selection, but to compare car hire prices and get the cheapest car hire offers in Moldova .

Below are a list of some of our economy and cheap car hire Moldova and at Moldova airport.

By selecting the cheapest car hire, it is possible to get long term car rental in Moldova for your long term holidays, even when your budget is limited.

Luxury, exotic and premium Moldova car hire

If you can afford a luxury car you may be looking for a comfortable luxury car hire in Moldova...we manage a wide selection of premium cars.

Some european destinations weather is nice enough for driving with a cabrio. Why not choosing a cabrio car hire and feeling the air while driving in Moldova?

9 seater or 9 seater minivan Moldova car hire

When travelling with the familiy or friends, we may need a 7 seater or 9 seater minivan car hire Moldova, sometimes space in the vehicle is more needed than luxury. Why renting 2 cars for all members of your group when is possible to rent a 9 seater together?.We manage a large variety of familiar cars to rent in Moldova.

Explore and enjoy Moldova with your family car!.

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