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Car hire London

London is the political and economic capital of the United Kingdom, and the city in the world which receives more visitors annually.

London has something special. It would be as difficult as it is useless to explain whi London is different. It is necessary to visit, live in there. Get in touch with its people, do some shopping at Harrods, visit  Camden Town, admire the night image of Big Ben ... would be impossible for us to enumerate all the magical places that are already part of our memory ... so do not delay, enjoy London and you'll understand why we have so much affection. I personally can remember my visit to the British Museum, what do you remember of your last visit to London?

Depending on your holidays in London you may need the car hire London option, that will make you able to visit the surroundings and experience all what London has to offer. However if you are planning to stay in London you may need to get informed about the public transport.

Driving in London and tips

Unlike many other countries in the UK you have to drive on the left. We recommend that you get a copy of the Highway Code, which is publicly available at points of sale of the AA and RAC, as well as many bookstores.

All drivers must wear seat belts if the vehicle has them installed. The use of special seats for children or lifters is required. All riders must wear helmets.

Driver's licenses issued in other countries, have a maximum validity in Britain of 12 months from the last entry of the holder in the country.

In 2003, London became the first major city in the world to introduce a congestion charge in an attempt to reduce the density of traffic at the entrances to the center Monday through Friday. Although the number of vehicles entering the "congestion zone has decreased, even in London traffic can be slow. Drivers with disabilities benefit from exemptions from paying the congestion charge.

Car rental London

There are many car rental agencies in the city center and around London. We compare car hire prices for you, get your favorite car model at any location, do not forget to always use a reputable company such as holidaysresources car hire.

In London there are car rental agencies that specialize in adapted cars for drivers with disabilities. For more information, visit Department for Transport / Automobility.

London Parking

Parking can be hard, especially in central London. There are parking restrictions between 8:30 am and 18:30 pm, Monday to Friday and from 8.30 am to 13.30 on Saturdays. Many streets in London work with the system of meter and parking ticket, this is an expensive option if you decide to leave the vehicle parked for a long time.

Cheap car hire in London Uk

From our more than 450 car hire provides, you will be able not only to rent a car from our wide selection, but to compare car hire prices and get the cheapest car hire offers in London .

Below are a list of some of our economy and cheap car hire London and at London airport.

By selecting the cheapest car hire, it is possible to get long term car rental in London for your long term holidays, even when your budget is limited.

Luxury, exotic and premium London car hire Uk

If you can afford a luxury car you may be looking for a comfortable luxury car hire in London...we manage a wide selection of premium cars.

Some european destinations weather is nice enough for driving with a cabrio. Why not choosing a cabrio car hire and feeling the air while driving in London?

9 seater or 9 seater minivan London car hire Uk

When travelling with the familiy or friends, we may need a 7 seater or 9 seater minivan car hire London, sometimes space in the vehicle is more needed than luxury. Why renting 2 cars for all members of your group when is possible to rent a 9 seater together?.We manage a large variety of familiar cars to rent in London.

Explore and enjoy London with your family car!.

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You pay the rental car on arrival, check the quote for details. Secure your vehicle today and pay your car hire in London on arrival.

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