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Avis car rental

Avis rentalAvis is a car rental company located at most popular airport destinations. Their do not always have the cheapest car hire prices but they manage a large fleet of cars models to choose from and an excelent service. From our website you will be able to get the cheapest prices even for your avis long term car rental.

Car hire Avis

Compare car hire prices with Avis and other car rental companies located at any world airport.

About Avis car hire

Mayor Warren Avis was an intelligence officer of the Air Force of the United States during the 2nd World War constantly traveled around the nation and always had trouble renting a car.
At those times when you got to the airport, you had to take a taxi and head to the suburbs where you could found the car repair shops, which were located in the worst and poorest areas, and they always gave to the customer the older cars to rent.
After the war, this problem came to the mind of Mr. Avi and in 1946 founded his company Avis Airlines Rent-a-Car that was first car rental company installed at an airport, the first car hire companies were in Miami, Florida and Michigan, providing customers with brand-new vehicles.
Avis has developed rapidly to become an international network. Today, Avis has presence in over 180 countries and employs more than 5,000 rental locations, performing more than 15 million rentals per year.

Today Avis Rent a Car is part of Avis Budget Group Inc., a subsidiary of Cendant Corporation, one of the largest companies in the U.S. under the heading of Real Estate, Hotel, Tourism and a large number of other activities.

Avis airport rental

Car hire Avis airport

Is very easy to get to Avis at any airport. Hey use to have a desktop next to the arrivals hall. Most international airports have an Avis desktop and it would not be hard to get to one after your flight arrival.

Avis car hire at train station

Avis is present at many train stations over the world. If your holidays destination is popular, it will be more than probable that you will be able to rent a car from Avis next to the railroad station.

Avis coupons codes

Is posible to get some coupones code for Avis, however our prices are cheap enough so you will not need them when booking from us. We have no coupons codes for Avis at this time, just check our prices and compare.

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