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Goldcar car rental

Goldcar rentalGoldcar is a car rental company located at most popular airport destinations in Spain. Goldcar Rental, Old Europa Rentacar, was founded in 1985 with the goal of creating a car hire company in Spain that combines both product quality and excellence in customer service. They manage a large fleet of cars models to choose from and an excelent service. From our website you will be able to get the cheapest prices even for your long term car rental from Goldcar.

Goldcar complaints

Most customers who rated Goldcar under 4/6 picked up the car in Malaga and Murcia.

Complaints included:

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Goldcar car hire Reviews

Compare car hire prices with Goldcar and other car rental companies located at any world airport.

If you are not happy with Goldcar, just use our quote system to compare prices and choose another, or send us your review; we will update the rating starts and in some cases we may add your review in the website.

About Goldcar:

Goldcar company has a large fleet of vehicles to meet the demand for car hire in Spain. This element, combined with an extensive network of offices strategically distributed by the major tourist towns of the Mediterranean coast is intended to provide better service to their customers, who have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, ranging from the cheapest car hire to the most luxury Mercedes models.

Car hire Goldcar at airport

Is very easy to get to Goldcar at any airport. They use to have a desktop next to the arrivals hall or in the proximities of the airport. They also offer car hire services at the most popular destinations in Spain, like: Malaga, Alicante, Murcia, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.

Goldcar car hire at train station

Goldcar is present at some train stations in Spain. If the goldcar rental offer is chea enough and is available at your destination, you will be able to choose for renting a car from Goldcar rental.

Goldcar coupons codes

At this moment we have no available coupons code for Goldcar rental.

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