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South America car hire

There are many charming South America destinations to visit. The picture below taken in Brazil show you some of the most beatufil views in the world. South America car hire will give you the freedom to enjoy the most of your holidays in South America, forget shedules, public transport and get wherever you like when you want.

The public transport in South America is not good though, neither secure at all in some cities like Rio the Janeiro, this is the main reason we would recommend to rent a car in South America, so you will be also able to visit and experience the city by yourself. There is no comparation in going with your own car with no waits, and you also have a wide variety of cars to choose from.


Ethno tourism in South America

There are a lot of European tourists, who prioritize their travel schedule to cities where they can find ethno-tourism, mainly in the South America region. This has been exploited by Chilean companies that have the support of governmental institutions in this matter, which comes five years lake area by promoting its cultural diversity and the presence of people in cities like Mapochinians Araucania, villarrica, pucon, Curarrehue and its surrounding towns. although from the business point of view is still a new product that is under development, many companies will start giving importance to this emerging sector and which should have some support from their respective states to facilitate their tasks, since this activity contributes to leave behind the stigmatization of many of these people have been victimized in the past .


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