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Car hire Rio De Janeiro

You may be looking for cheap car hire Rio de Janeiro.There is a wide variety of cars to choose that will not impact your budget, so you will be able to select a better hotel or spend it in other expenses instead renting a luxury car. Cheap car hire in Rio de Janeiro is with no doubt a good option if you want to spend not much in your transportation.

Sea, mountains, rivers and lakes joined together to create a varied and beautiful geography that settled in a city that since the sixteenth century has not stopped growing. Today is one of the most beautiful cities in America: Rio de Janeiro.

There is much to see and the public transportation is not the most comfortable way to move within the city; if you want to discover the beauty of this city of Brazil, we recommend you to rent a car in Rio de Janeiro city. Search and compare car rental prices in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olimpic Games

The Olympic Games Rio 2016 will be the Games of celebration and transformation. We will unite the unique spirit of Rio de Janeiro with the power of sport to organize a special occasion, full of passion. Rio 2016 will generate memories for a lifetime, every athlete and every member of the Olympic Family. And the Games will leave a powerful legacy, which will go to meeting long term needs of the city and its residents. All aspects of the project for the Games of Rio have been thought to be aligned with the strategic plans of the city and country.

More than half of the venues for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 are already built. And these include plants that are true masterpieces built for the Games and Parapan Pan Rio 2007: the magnificent Estadio Joao Havelange (proposed to host the athletics competitions in 2016), the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center, the Rio Olympic Arena (which will host Fitness tests and wheelchair basketball), the Rio Olympic Velodrome, the National Equestrian Center and the National Shooting Sports Center.

Rio de Janeiro tourist information

Rio de Janeiro still really cute. The City increasingly Wonderful. With its natural beauty, one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world sea, consisting of 14 beaches, cozy contagious joy of six million inhabitants spread by 159 neighborhoods, a diverse and unique and vibrant cultural life, the postcard of Brazil receives the world with open arms.

Rio is Rio, is Brazilian, is international. You feel at home, even if you live across the globe and don´t speak a word of Portuguese.

Rio is a holiday. The city's cultural fervor is so great that it is very common to develop their presence in public events exceeding the one million people, which can be seen in the New Year's Eve (New Year) in Carnival, sporting events Pass as the Athens 2004 Olympic Torch and rock concerts on the beach like Live Earth and the Rolling Stones.

Frequented by famous people, including athletes, artists and intellectuals, the Marvelous City offers several options for leisure in the city who is or is passing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The famous bondinho which leads to a breathtaking view of the city from atop Sugar Loaf, hang gliding adventures, the classics in the global symbol of the homeland of the spoils, the Maracana, the traditional bohemian Lapa, the exuberant Marina da Glória, the Columbus confectionery under the appreciation of gastronomy Rio. There are countless entertainment options. Of the pedal boating in the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas in the usual walks in the Paseo de Copacabana, Rio participates in any activity that the city provides. All this with the blessing of Christ the Redeemer, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Visit the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world, is a program for people of all ages who can climb the Morro da Urca gliding or jumping on the Pedra da Gávea. The sport has an important place in everyday life of the city and is facilitated by the mild climate throughout the year, with most of his days with sun.

The completion of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2016 in the city that competitors will participate in the competitions in a pleasant climate conducive to obtaining excellent marks. The temperature only rose to the heavy disputes within the pools and tennis courts.

Rio de Janeiro public transport

Public transport will have three main projects that make efficient interconnection of the bar with all other regions, offering convenience, speed, safety and movement of all accredited and spectators. The fleet will be powered by alternative fuels such as biodiesel, alcohol and natural gas. This shows not only the concern of Rio, but throughout Brazil, with the preservation of the environment. To leave the city even more beautiful, decontamination of the gaps in the area of Barra, sanitation programs and environmental awareness, sustainable development, waste management and reducing gases will be performed.

The bus is the king of public transportation in Rio de Janeiro, but also have some underground lines.
The king is the bus, with different lines and often. Possibly there to take you wherever you go at least a couple of bus lines by different routes, which only you should know.

At night it is not recommended to go by bus because it is when it is most often storm. Then you had better take a taxi, which also comes pretty cheap.

The metro network is small, but are expanding. Meters are often combined with bus: paying a ticket can only access the two transports.

Brazil tourism

With the monetary stabilization and increased purchasing power by its large domestic market, whose population is estimated at 189 million inhabitants, the country is increasingly attracting investment. And Rio is one of the main gates of this capital, with an industry wide (highlighted by the oil, shipbuilding, chemical) and a strong hotel industry. Thanks in part to tourism-oriented city, the service sector accounts for 65% of the employed population, according to data from the Ministry of Trabaj.La recent holding of the Pan American Games Rio 2007 and Parapan also contributed significant benefits cheap for the city, with increased number of jobs in sectors such as construction and tourism.

The Olympics and Paralympics in 2016 will certainly benefit from this fact and repeated in even greater proportions, contributing significantly to creating opportunities for young Brazilians.

Cheap car hire in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

In will be able to choose from more than 450 car providers for not just selecting a wide range of cars but the cheapest car rental offers in Rio De Janeiro by a car rental comparison in real time between all of the car hire companies in Rio De Janeiro and Rio De Janeiro airports.

By selecting the cheapest prices, you will be able to select long term car hire in Rio De Janeiro for your long term holidays.

12 seater and minivan Rio De Janeiro car hire

When travelling with the familiy or friends, we may need a 7 seater or 12 seater minivan or minibus car rental Rio De Janeiro, we will try to provide the car which fits the best your needs.

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