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Car hire Anchorage

In Anchorage, one person from every 58 people is a pilot, a proportion that can only be compared to the proportion of motorcyclists in Naples. Not surprisingly, small planes are the handiest means of transport to travel the vast state of Alaska, just equipped with roads and with a population index of less than half per square mile. For those looking for a vehicle instead a plane we can offer a wide selection for your car hire in Anchorage, check our offers and find the cheapest prices for car hire Anchorage, from 4x4 rentals to family cars, Anchorage car hire is without any doubt a great choice if we want to explore the region and get the most of our visit.

Most of the very few people living in Alaska, do it in Anchorage (about 40%), a city well equipped and adapted to the needs of modern life but obviously conditioned largely due to its proximity to the Arctic. The winters here are long (October to May) and very hard, and spring and summer are short and explosives, in return, the city is surrounded by a spectacular nature, making it the ideal base to discover their abundant wildlife and some of the most exciting landscapes of planet Earth.

The discovery of Alaska from Anchorage can be done in countless ways. One of the most popular activities among families of the town, once summer arrives, is going out to collect wild fruits, especially blueberries. It is a tradition inherited from the Indians, for which the collection of these fruits implied admission of the smallest in maintaining the household economy.

Hunting and fishing are also activities rooted among the people of Anchorage, as well as camping in the great outdoors, hiking, mushroom picking, the discovery of lakes and rivers by canoe or kayak crossings with sled dogs by plane ... The possibilities are so broad here as the desire for adventure of each.

Car hire Anchorage can be a nice option for making road routes with beautiful views, we can recommend the route from Anchorage in the South Coast to  Fairbanks, the second biggest city of the state located at the center, 500 milles far from Anochorage.  Depending on the season the road can be frozen or half frozen, if you choose Anchorage car hire take this in consideration and be safe while driving in Anchorage.

Car rental Anchorage

If you choose our previous road route and the car rental Anchorage option as your transportation method in Anchorage, we want you to know why we choosed the Fairbanks destination as a nice road trip; In this part of the country are seen almost daily called "Northern Lights" or Aurora Borealis, an atmospheric phenomenon caused by the reaction of solar wind and magnetism of the earth at the poles. A shower of particles and plasma collide with the upper layers of the atmosphere, producing the most extraordinary show of colored lights. Fairbanks is known worldwide as one of the best cities on the world in which you can observe this spectacle.

By renting a car in Anchorage you will be able to discover  desolate landscapes between valleys and hills, like something taken from a postcard. The snow stays frozen on the trees, forming the thick flakes that look like soap suds in a car wash.

Cheap car rental in Anchorage Alaska

We work for you to be able to choose from more than 450 car rental providers, providing this wat not only a wide selection of cars but the cheapest car rental offers in Anchorage .

Our car hire system make a real time car rental comparison from all the car rental companies in Anchorage and at Anchorage airport.

By selecting the cheapest prices, you will be able to choose a long term car hire in Anchorage for your long term holidays.

Luxury, exotic and premium Anchorage car rental Alaska

If your budget can afford it you may be looking for a comfortable luxury car rental or exotic car rental in Anchorage...we manage a wide selection of premium cars.

You can feel like driving your own car, or maybe renting the exotic car you would like to buy while in holidays. Why not choosing a cabrio car rental and feeling the air while driving in Anchorage?

Compare long term car rental in Anchorage

We compare more than 450 car rental firms worldwide so you can find the cheapest prices for the best long term car rental in Anchorage

Long term car hire means rentals longer than 2 weeks, and with you can benefit for your long term car rentals with our cheap prices for Anchorage car hire.

car hire Anchorage

7 seater or 9 seater minivan Anchorage car rental Alaska

When travelling with the familiy or friends, we may need a 7 seater or 9 seater minivan or minibus car hire Anchorage, sometimes space in the vehicle is more needed than luxury. Why renting 2 cars for all members of your group when is possible to rent a 9 seater together?. Because this we manage a large variety of familiar cars to hire in Anchorage like a Mercedes Vito for extra comfort and space.

Explore and enjoy Anchorage with your family car!.

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