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Car hire Atlanta Airport

Many flights from major European cities arrive daily at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, where flights also depart regularly to different parts of the country. The airport is located 5 miles from Atlanta and offers taxi services to the city for about $ 20, plus private bus service for $ 8 or $ 1.50 train. In summary, using the transport system in the city of Atlanta can travel cheaply and efficiently the city, however we recommend the car rental Atlanta airport option, as it would be more comfortable for moving within the city.

Atlanta airport information

Atlanta Airport (ATL) is technically referred to as the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and is said to be the largest international airport in the world. A brief discussion on the security at Atlanta is also presented, since it is unusual due to the layout of the airport.

The airport consists of a Central Passenger Terminal Complex, comprising North and South Terminals either side of a central area containing an atrium, the main ground transportation system and a central security checkpoint leading to the North and South Terminal security checkpoints, with Concourse T and Concourses A through E accessed to the east, past main security.

The South Terminal serves Delta Airlines, Aero Mexico and Air France, while the North Terminal handles all other airlines. Each terminal has its own check-in desks and baggage reclaim area. Each of the six Concourses serves a number of gates, and has its own stores, fast food and bars.

Atlanta Airport Departures

Departures check in at either the North or the South Terminal check-in area, and then pass through main security. You will be allocated a boarding gate, situated in one of the six Concourses. After passing through security you will find yourself in the Transportation Mall at the East end of the main terminal.

You can use the Automated People Mover (APM) that accesses each Concourse from below ground, or you can walk to your Concourse. The Concourses have all you need in the way of food and drink, and each also has its own shops. Concourse E is the main International Concourse temporarily, until a new International Terminal is built in 2012. Terminals T (attached to the main terminal building) and E offer duty free shops.

Atlanta Airport Arrivals

Passengers will be led to baggage reclaim in either the North or the South Terminal. They will then pass through customs and arrive in the main terminal building. There are curb pick-up and drop-off stations to the North and South of each Terminal, conveniently situated for those being collected by car, and there are also good cab and shuttle bus services available outside the main entrance.

Atlanta Airport transfers are available for arrivals who are continuing their journey from the airport. Transfers can remain airside in any Concourse without going through main security, and may take advantage of the facilities and retain outlets, including duty free shops, until their next flight is called.

Car Hire at Atlanta Airport

Car hire at Atlanta Airport is located in the Rental Car Center, which is just 5 minutes from Arrivals using the ATL sky train. Most of the larger national car rental firms are situated here, together with a number of budget and independent car rental desks. You are highly recommended to advantage of the Atlanta car hire facilities, because getting around Atlanta and the surrounding area will be very expensive unless you have a car.

Fuel is relatively cheap in the USA, and car hire at Atlanta Airport is your best bet for getting around. You are also advised to book your car in advance, since Atlanta is the world's biggest airport and hence very busy - you may not get the car you want unless you book it before you leave home.

Atlanta Airport Concourses

The Concourses are self-contained and stand apart in series from the main terminal. They are interconnected by means of the APM and each has its own smoking lounge. Concourses are situated from the main terminal in the following order, with the gates arranged each side of a central connecting pathway:

Atlanta Airport Security

Like all airports, you go through a security checkpoint prior to entering the departure lounges - the Concourses. International travelers will note a difference to the normal security arrangements.

Because international flights arrive only at Concourse E, and immigration and customs are also in Concourse E, then there is the possibility of a breach in security. Maybe this was missed when Atlanta Airport was designed or maybe it was intentional, but when you pass customs and leave Concourse E you are still in a secured area of the airport. You may have items in your checked luggage that is not allowed in the secured area, such as liquids, a knife or whatever.

So, passengers that go through immigration and customs must then place their luggage back into check-in, so they can be transported through the secured areas until they reach the baggage claim carousel in the main Terminal - North or South. You then collect it - so in Atlanta Airport, international travelers must check-in their luggage at arrivals and collect it again! You will also undergo another personal security search.

Maynard Jackson International Terminal

This is a new international terminal under construction at Atlanta Airport, with 40 gates for international air travel. It is expected to open in the spring of 2012 with a dedicated long-term 5-level parking garage with a shuttle service connecting it to the airport.

Atlanta Airport: General

The Terminals and all Concourses are interconnected by means of the Automated People Mover. The APM can be used by arrivals to reach baggage claim under the main terminal, or to access any Concourse for a connecting flight. Departures can take the APM for any Concourse from the station just beyond the main security checkpoint.

In addition to the above, all Concourses offer food and drink outlets together with retail outlets. They also offer ATMs and general business services, and passengers arriving in Concourse E from abroad will pass through immigration and customs from a federal services facility situated in the Concourse specifically for this purpose.

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