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Choosing your cruise ship is crucial: it will be your home, your place of living, floating hotel, so it is very important that you feel comfortable.

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Take in considerations the information below to choose your cruise:

The number of passengers in the cruise:
This is important because it allows evaluating the cruise chosen: the environment will be familiar, more intimate, or we will be surrounded by many people? There are cruise ships with capacities ranging from 400 passengers up to 3,200. The number of crew members: Independently of the capacity of the cruise, 500, 2,000 or 3,000 passengers, most large companies apply the famous ratio of 1 / 3. The number of crew members in relation to passenger name can verify that the service offered will be of high quality.

Small or large cruise ship?

The newer cruises are better equipped (tennis, casino, miniature golf, swimming ...). Its performance is superior to that provided by the hotels or the oldest cruises. They can accommodate a larger number of passengers, but also have the disadvantage of waiting time for the shipment, in the different activities and on landing. On the other hand newer cruises offer more space for various activities. Here you will find, as an indication, the various advantages offered by the charter in terms of size:

Smaller cruises

Smaller cruises can ship up to 500 passengers. This type of boat is designed for those who prefer an intimate atmosphere for those who prefer a small hotel, a large modern hotel but with incomparable comfort.

Medium cruises

With a capacity for between 500 and 1000 passengers. This cruise is perfect for the small ports of the Mediterranean as it is easier to maneuver than the bigger ships. Many of these boats are cruising around the worldg. This cruises are usually more stable than smaller cruises, and have just the right size, neither too large nor too small, have the appearance of a traditional cruise ship.

Larger cruises

A big cruise can ship to more than 2,000 passengers. They offer an undeniable range of amenities, comfort, activities, restaurants ... The large size imposes certain rules. The larger ships are equipped with cutting-edge technology, the ability to navigate with any type of weather, they provide more space, greater flexibility in meals, activities and attractions.

Cruise attractions

All inclusive last minute cruises

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