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Carnival Cruise Line Review

Carnival Cruise Lines has accumulated 9 awards-more than double than any other cruise line issued by the world-renowned Complete Guide to European Cruises, Fodor's Publishing.

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In the chapter "Best cruise line" on Carnival Cruise distinguishes:

carnival cruise

According to experts, Carnival's nine awards reflect many of the unique elements of a cruise "Fun Ship" - extraordinary food, spacious and comfortable rooms, modern spa facilities for children and fun-filled activities for guests of all ages , all of which combine to offer a memorable vacation.

Carnival's entry into Europe began in 2005 with a series of cruises aboard Carnival Liberty and, over the past three years, the line has tripled its number of trips within the region.

Carnival Cruise in the Mediterranean , European cruises

Carnival Cruise Line

This year, Carnival will launch two ships in Europe for the first time, including its most modern and largest ship, the 113,000 ton Carnival Splendor, which will present the program ever line of 12-day Northern Europe. Along with the Carnival Splendor will be the Carnival Freedom, which will operate the famous Carnival cruise in the Mediterranean, Greece and Turkey. In addition, Carnival will launch two ships to Europe in 2009.

In addition to European cruises, Carnival operates trips of three to 18 days, to destinations like the cruises in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, New England, the Panama Canal, Bermuda and South America aboard its fleet of 22 vessels.


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