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Holiday destinations

Browse our tourist guides, and take advantage of your holidays: Atlanta attractions, Chicago attractions, New York transport .... we are planning those guides for you to get the best from your holidays destination: cheap transport, affordable hotels, luxury cruises...

Holidays destinations

Last minute holidays

We are developing many important european cities for being your travel advisor, check from time to time for checking new travel guides and the most recommended last minute holiday destinations.

Affordable holidays destinations

Africa is known for its mix: poverty, pure nature and culture. The most popular destination is Egypt. This gives Africa the majority of its annual visits followed by South Africa, Rwanda, Morocco and Tunisia. For the visitors who decide to get lost in ancient cultures the Asian countries are a main destination. China, Thailand and Japan are the major destinations of their choice, followed by Malaysia and Singapore.

Luxury holidays destinations

We mean luxury but affordable holidays. Caribbean Islands, with its a rich combination of sun, sand and surf is next on the list of most popular destinations. The Bahamas receive 10% of visitors in the Caribbean. Here are Aruba and the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and finally found the beautiful Jamaica. Oceania, is home to some of the stories of pirates which still being told to young children actually. Australia is the most visited, followed by the popular New Zealand.

There are many important holidays destinations, and not enough time to visit all them right?. We have just one life, so let´s start with our perfect holidays.


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