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Car hire in Pakistan.

Lahore Holidays

Lahore map in PakistanAre you planning getting to Lahore in Pakistan for holidays? Then you would be interested in learning a little about Lahore. You will be able to find from our website cheap car hire in Lahore as well as Lahore hotels.  Lahore, also known as the "window" of Pakistan, is the capital of Punjab and the second largest city, a vibrant and charismatic mix built on the east coast of the River Ravi. he legend tell that it was founded by Loh, son of Rama, the hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana. Historical records indicate that it was built in the eighth century by a Hindu ruler, demolished by the hordes of Genghis Khan and rebuilt shortly afterwards. Since then he has been the cultural and intellectual center of Pakistan.

As you tour Lahore and buy some souvenirs, you can enjoy a wonderful lunch and relax in the shade of the parks and gardens. The Shalimar Gardens, the garden's most comprehensive garden in the Indian subcontinent, located in the Great Trunk Road, is a good place to start. Shah Jahan built the Garden Shali-mar in 1642 as a place of leisure for the royal family. Contains three terraces with narrow roads around a charming combination of ponds, waterfalls and marble pavilions, and is surrounded by huge fruit trees decorated with small and playful squirrels.

A mandatory visit is the Lahore Fort, with its massive walls, built by Akbar in the late 1560. It rises on the ancient city of Lahore, around a complex built over the centuries. The entrance is through the Alamgiri Gate and Maktab Khana or the cleric's house, built in 1618, wherethe names of the visitors are recorded. Walking a few steps, once we will get into the Moti Masjid, a picturesque mosque. Do not forget to visit the north side museum,  where we will find some beautiful calligraphy, miniature paintings and ancient coins.

Those interested in mosques should not miss the Wazi Khan Mosque and the Mosque Badhahi, decorated with colorful frescoes and mosaics in the interior and exterior of buildings.

Shopping in Lahore

You should also not miss the bazaars Kashmir Suah Chatta, Dabbi, Old Anarkali Lahore or the bazaars of modern Lahore, Liberty and Gulberg. The bazaars of the old city are full of narrow streets flooded with people, rikisha, donkeys and carts. All of them exude a wonderful aroma from the cooking, raw foods, new and old goods and aroma typical of the crowd. Everything you've dreamed of can be found here, especially clothing, embroidery, jewelry, antiques, copper and silver ware, carpets, and rich food. The people are friendly, sociable and willing to stop and talk to someone from a distant land.

It is lovely to visit the city during festivals. The most colorful is the Basante or Kite Festival Flying. Almost all people fly kites to celebrate the arrival of spring. You can enjoy watching the colorful spectacle with dances and costumes, and listen to music and sipping exotic traditional food with its delicious flavors and wonderful aromas.

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