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Queensland attractions

Queensland is one of the regions of Australia, located on the east coast, the most populous of the island. Queensland is also known as "The Sunshine State", thanks to the warm temperatures that are present all year in addition to being part of your land in the tropics.

Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is what has launched Cairns and Tropical North Queensland to fame. The fifth of the world's coral reefs found in Australia, and is in the Great Barrier Reef where they are located most of them. Is called the Great Barrier Reef to an ecosystem that stretches 2,300 km along the Queensland coast, consisting of 2600 different reefs ranging in size from one hectare to 10,000 hectares, about 900 tropical islands and islets, 1.500 different species of fish, 400 species of molluscs, 175 birds, six of the seven species of endangered sea turtle extinction worldwide, and more. In short, occupies about 300,000 hectares, the area occupied by the United Kingdom and Ireland together. It is also one of the few natural or artificial structures that can be seen from space.

The Great Barrier Reef is accessible from almost anywhere along the east coast, but Cairns is the city par excellence, from where the largest number of boats offering cruises, scuba diving and snorkeling. Another way to discover the Great Barrier Reef from the air, one of the many scenic flights can be arranged.

Daintree Forest

However, it is not only the Great Barrier Reef which has become famous worldwide in Queensland. Daintree Forest, also considered a World Heritage Site, is located next to the Great Barrier, creating the only place in the world where two World Heritage areas are next to each other.

The Daintree Rainforest, also known as the Wet Tropics, extends over 1,200 square kilometers. It houses 3,000 different species of plants, about a third of the 315 species of the mammals in Australia, 13 of those mammals are unique and not found anywhere else on the planet, and of course, the huge saltwater crocodile, the inhabitant famous forest. Many travelers visit the Daintree Forest on the way to Cape Tribulation. For nature lovers, this area will simply leave you speechless, and if someone dares to explore a little, you will come for what is one of the landscapes used in movies. A cruise on the Daintree River is one of the most popular activities, which can be viewed by crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation is only for those who love nature. There are no stores or restaurant chains. In fact, a few years ago, the only road leading to Cape Tribulation was a dirt road. Today, this road, paved, is one that offers the most breathtaking views across the country. Cape Tribulation is a much visited destination, but is barely developed. However, there are many accommodations hidden in nature and hardly visible from the road. Many of them have their own restaurant.

Cape Tribulation is nature, and every corner will delight us with fantastic landscapes, amazing flora and fauna not found anywhere else on the planet. If a traveler is with enough energy, we recommend making a trip to the summit of Mount Sorrow. Take a day, but the views of the forest and the Great Barrier Reef are well worth the effort.


Cooktown is the northernmost population of the Australian east coast. It is a small isolated community, so get here is an adventure. It is the first port where Captain Cook anchored his ship Endeavour, and where the kangaroo was first seen by Europeans. Cooktown is a fabulous destination for those interested in the history of Australia, fishing and aboriginal culture.

Outback QueenslandOutback in Queensland

And finally we have the Outback, an expanse of red sand, grassy plains and arid landscapes, among which are ex-mining communities with the typical Australian pub. It is an area rich in Aboriginal culture ancient and recent history of the pioneers. The outback covers an area of about 425.000 square kilometers, almost the same extent in Spain and in the north are a lot of rivers and some of the best places to fish. It is an ancient world where dinosaurs lived and where you can still find his remains.

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