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Are you coming to Queeensland for holidays and need some useful tips and guides for getting the most?, continue reading to know more about Queensland and the most popular places to visit or use our car hire Queensland service for finding the cheapest offers. There are many places to visit in Queensland, an amazing place in Australia we will never forget.

Hervey Bay has managed to successfully blend the comforts of a city with the luxury of being located next to the sea. Besides being the city par excellence in which to enjoy the experience together to see migrating whales, Hervey Bay is also the city from which access to Fraser Island.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the must visits in Queensland, being the largest sand island in the world. Heritage of humanity by all nature offers beautiful beaches with freshwater lakes and rainforests, Fraser Island, the traveler can escape the world or make your stay an adventure, and always with a magical background.

Fraser is the largest sand island in the world and declared World Heritage Site. The national highway that runs along the east side of the island is the beach! A huge beach at the mercy of the tides. Is actually called 75 mile beach. No one banyan there, of course. Not because you do not enter a wild desire to throw yourself into the ocean but because the island is famous for the massive presence of sharks, all kinds, from hammer tip reef, or the white shark.

Airlie Beach

The next point of interest on the coast of Queensland is Airlie Beach, and located within what is considered to Tropical North Queensland, both for its lively nightlife and for making access to the Whitsundays. Airlie Beach is a popular destination for backpackers and young people looking for fun. Hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants and dozens of companies engaged in tourism, especially to all those activities Related files with the Great Barrier Reef, ensures the visitor a truly memorable visit.

It's hard to imagine while surfing the Whitsunday Islands, these islands were once mountains in the Australian continent. After the last Ice Age, the oceans covered the valleys that lay between the mountains, creating 74 islands are considered the jewels of Tropical North Queensland. These islands are one of the most visited tourist destinations in Australia. Its natural beauty, its clear waters, beaches dotted with palm trees, ensure the traveler an experience like no other. Although these islands, famous for its luxury hotels are not available to all budgets, you can make day trips from Airlie Beach, visiting all the beaches, including the world famous Whitehaven Beach.

Mission Beach, further north, is a small village located on the coast, with more than 14 miles of white sandy beach lined with palm trees. It is one of the best kept secrets of Tropical North Queensland. Framed by the Great Barrier Reef in the east and the Daintree Rainforest to the west, Mission Beach is one of the best places to forget the world. The beaches in Mission Beach is undoubtedly the best beaches in the continent, without which you can barely notice the intrusion of human beings.

Townsville is considered the capital of North Queensland and one of the cities where the sun shines more days to 320 days a year. For many tourists is only the point from which to travel to Magnetic Island, but also worth a couple of days of vacation.

Magnetic Island is located just 20 minutes by catamaran off the coast of Townsville. More than half of the island is considered National Park, to protect the marine life and landscape. Over 100 species of birds inhabit the island, but it is not known for that, but for being the largest colony of koalas that exist in Australia. Visitors can pet and feed the koalas living in Koala Village, the most visited attraction on the island.

Cairns is the city par excellence of Tropical North Queensland, a city very vital and very much geared to tourism. It is well known for offering the best diving and snorkeling in the world in the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns offers an incredible amount of hotels of all styles and prices, restaurants of almost all nationalities, especially Asians, and a lot of activities for those who want to stay on land. But basically serves as a base to explore the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Forest.

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