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Whitsunday Coast is located between the city of Mackay and the quiet town of Bowen. The whole region is surrounded by dense forest (National Park) that is home to a large number of native species including the "Cassuary" (a large bird like turkey, which can reach six feet tall and was about extinction), To get an idea about the region, you will need more than a year to know all the islands in the bay, and that if you only have a quick look at the island per day!.

Whitsunday Islands Map

Hardy Reef

Hardy Reef is part of Great Barrier Reef , and is located in front of Whitsunday, protecting the bay from the strong winds and stormy seas. These conditions make this area one of the best places in the world for sailing, and traveling around the globe have the Whitsunday as a "must stop and look. " It is easy to visit the Great Barrier Reef from Airlie Beach, a hot spot, and more important to be on Whitsunday. The corals in this region are in pristine conditions, being absolutely fantastic for snorkel or scuba divers.

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is very famous in Australia, and attracts a large number of Australian and international tourists. It is more common to find people with boats that taxis in the street. The place attracts many professionals in the marine industry for the opportunity to work in the area,we will find not only foreigners boats but also Australia. Do not be surprised if you see someone on the streets trying to find directions on your GPS. Environment connected to the sport has made Whitsunday sailing a high point for all kinds of people. If you want to learn diving, you will find many schools here. If you want to learn how to sail a boat, there are many sailing schools or if you want a different kind of fun, there are Jet Ski rentals, or fishing boats etc. Anything connected with water sports in Queensland can be found there.

Whitsunday attractions

The warm clear water is not he main attraction of this Whitsunday. There are many different ways in the National Parks available, walking in dense forests and many coves to explore. The result is a fantastic connection between land and sea that makes the Whitsundays a paradise on Earth. There are many deserted beaches, and islands with white sand, coral and fish to see with a snorkel and mask. Some islands are private, some others are resorts like Club Med and Hamilton Island. 5 star resorts there are more there than stars in the sky.

Whitsunday hotels

The Whitsunday region is sophisticated. You will find very good hotels for backpackers, Camping, Caravan Park, Motels and Hotels. The food is great, with fresh fish, lobster, shrimp, and a Wide Variety of tasty seafood. If you are not a seafood lover, there are many other restaurants and cafes serving everything from pizza to giant steaks. During the holiday season it can be a problem to find accommodation in Whitsunday if you have not previously made a reservation.

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