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Cyprus has a very rich and ancient history. Along with a wealth of Roman remains, there are beautiful villages with very nice and friendly  people, sun, sea, sand and of course beaches. There is nothing like discovering and go on vacation to a country that may not be as touristic as others, but yet we have to see and experience by ourselves. There are many deals on hotels in Cyprus for those who are thinking about coming to Cyprus.

For thousands of years the strategic position and natural resources of Cyprus has become the object of many invaders, such as Cleopatra, who ruled there for a while. Today invaders that arrive are the hordes of tourists seeking sun and beaches. However, there is much more in Cyprus. I want to give some suggestions for finding these places.

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One of those places is the Spa of Pafos, near where, according to the myths, Aphrodite was born, the Greek goddess of love. This is a wild stretch of golden sand beach, where two huge rocks, indicate the exact spot where Aphrodite emerged from the sea.

Paphos is also known for its Archaeological Park, where we will see fabulous Roman mosaics covering the floor of three Roman villas. Experts said that these mosaics are among the finest in the world. The colors are bright and clear, and decorated the homes of rich Roman generals who ruled Cyprus  two thousand years ago.

Limassol is the largest city on the coast of Cyprus. It is also the main producer of wine in the country, so you will see many vineyards and small towns dedicated to this industry, including Omodhos, the most beautiful, half an hour from Limassol. We can see mountains and hills surrounding the city, which is the greenest part of Cyprus. The Monastery of Stavros is the main attraction of Limassol.

Nearby Limassol is the spectacular Greco-Roman amphitheater, built in the second century BC and which continue working with live shows, like theaters and concerts throughout the summer. The location is awesome, a very romantic place. Next to the amphitheater there are some beautiful mosaics, which were part of a villa built in the Christian era.

After a period of violence between Turks and Cypriots in 1974, the island was divided in two. A third is managed by the Turkish Cypriots, and the other two thirds by Greek Cypriots living in the southern part of the island. This is the area that tourists often visit. So, as a safe place, we recommend the northern and southern Cyprus.

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