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Cyprus is a beautiful island, and nation, in the middle of the Mediterranean. Is currently committed to the development of different tours and resorts, and that despite it´s beauty Cyprus has been less successful in attracting travelers than other cities or islands, such as the case of Malta and the Greek islands. When visiting the beautiful attractions, natural and cultural resources, it will be necessary to travel great distances, so a tip is to get a vehicle, and for this you can check our prices for car hire Cyprus.

Cyprus attractiuons and things to do

We can start our visit in the capital city, Nicosia, with its impressive Royal Palace and a circuit of nearly 50 churches for lovers of architecture and religious buildings.

Nicosia is a typical medieval town, with the same style we can see in the European continent, but being cloistered in the middle of the island of Cyprus make of the visit a unique experience.

For lovers of adventure and sports tourism, the area around the Troodos Mountains have specific areas for trekking and hiking, as well as providing beautiful snowy landscapes during the winter in Cyprus.

The inland villages of Cyprus are also interesting, we can find there some architectural treasures and objects from the Byzantine period, in addition the inland villages are small communities with their churches, their main squares and the traditional structure of the medieval villages; even some where historical figures lived, as the philosopher Zenon (who lived in Larnaca) and Lazarus, who after being resurrected by Jesus Christ built his house in the same village.  A must visit for the tourist visiting Cyprus!

Cyprus tours and curiosities

Another important factor for travelers who like ancient settlements, are the traditional taverns. Properly distributed, after a long day's journey we can stop at a tavern to drink and rest before our next tour in Cyprus.

For wine lovers, the tour of Cyprus can not miss a visit to Limassol, the largest port on the island. During September they celebrate the festival of wine, ideal to test the unique varieties of Cyprus wine and to enjoy the wonderful traditional food, free of charge throughout the day.

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