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Torshavn  is a big commercial city in the eastern part of the island of Streme. It was founded in the tenth century and its first inhabitants were Vikings. The protector of Torshavn is the god of thunder known as Tor, from where the city takes its name. The rich nature of Torshavn attract many tourists to the city every year, come to enjoy the old buildings and walk around malls and parks. Check our deals for hotels in Torshavn or make your Torshavn car hire reservation online today.

On the streets you can see small houses of different shapes and colors that were built in the early nineteenth century.

Visiting Tórshavn

The most beautiful area of Torshavn is the Gongin street, where there are well preserved buildings from the XVI-XVII. Many houses are still inhabited by the natives, some of them were converted into shops and museums.

You can start the visit from the monastery Munkastovan at the center of Torshavn, saved from a terrible fire in 1673 which destroyed a third of the city. Not far away lies another remarkable and very ancient building, is the actual store Leigubun.

The city has many museums and galleries. In the historical museum you will see the collection of archaeological religious  artifacts , models of ancient ships, agricultural implements and household items, there are crafts and weapons of Vikings.

There is another  museum called Kurdalsvegur. Represents a small farm, where the decorations were installed taking into account all the details.

Art lovers can spend the day at the Nordic House cultural center, where very often there are concerts of classical music, theater and art exhibitions.

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