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Lyon is your guide to discover unseen adventures in Lyon, France. From the surroundings tourist routes to the exciting streets of Lyon, we can also help you to navigate through the many cultural nuances that make France the great vacation destination it is. After a few tours and a couple of hours in the Lyon area, you'll be buzzing around town like a local. We recommend to check our offers for car hire and hotels in Lyon.

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Precautions to take in Lyon, France

Lyon Visitors will enjoy the security that is expected in the Western European countries. The problems tourists may find have more to do with theft and fraud, and not with violence or danger.

Theft can be a problem in crowded urban areas. Pay special attention to your belongings when in a bus terminal or train. As a safety precaution try to always carry your wallet in front pockets. If possible, keep the cash and passport somewhere under clothing or in a money belt. Handbags with strap around the chest are more difficult for pickpockets to steal.

The credit card fraud still being a problem for tourists in almost all the world. To avoid this problem in Lyon is recommended to save all purchases made with the card and keep receipts until the end of the holiday. This precaution works for any other destination and is a very recommended one.

As in any urban environment in Lyon tourists should exercise caution when walking around town alone at night. Beware of being too nice to strangers, and, if possible, try to always travel in groups. Use caution when removing money from an ATM at night.

Electricity in Lyon, what should you know?

220V, 50Hz, plugs have two rounded terminals.

Health in Lyon

Major cities such as Lyon have emergency services of doctors and dentists who may respond to health needs at any time of day. The emergency rooms of hospitals are reserved for cases requiring immediate treatment.

Pharmacists can make simple diagnoses and provide you with the necessary medicines without prescription. When problems are more severe the pharmacist can tell you a list of some general practitioners to be addressed.

No vaccination is required for those visiting France. Water is clean and safe to drink but you can easily find bottled water.


The official language is French with regional dialects. Although almost all the French have studied English at some point in their lives the ability to speak English is very variable. Generally, young people and those related to the tourism industry do well in English. In any case, any attempt to learn or use phrases in French by tourists is always appreciated.

Currency Exchange / ATMs in Lyon

ATMs are easily found throughout the city and are the preferred way for tourists to change money. International debit cards are subject to a small commission and conversion rate. In any case, the conversion ratio is generally better than in the foreign exchange counters.

International credit cards (Visa and Master Card) are accepted almost everywhere.

Lyon map

Lyon map

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