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Tourism in France means to travel long distances and not all people like to do it the same way: some will prefer to rent a car in France and touring the country in search of adventure, other people may want to experience the journey in France in a different way by using the French trains from where you can spot all the sights of the country, there are also intercity flights in France for those who want saving time. About the accommodation in France there is a wide selection to choose: those who like to stay in luxury hotels who do not pay much importance to the prices and those who prefer to save on a cheap hotel and spend all their money on traveling and enjoying the tourist attractions in France.


France is located in Western Europe,bordering to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco (4.4 km) and Italy (488 km) southwest, with Spain (623 km), Andorra (56.6 km ) and the Cantabrian Sea, the west by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, with the Channel, the North Sea and Belgium (620 km), and the east by Luxembourg (73 km), Germany (451 km ) and Switzerland (573 km).

Tourism in France

A tour of the leading French cities is what the traveler needs to make tourism in France completely. Paris, Versailles, Bordeaux, Marseille, Cannes, etc. are some of the tourist destinations in France that we will review on this website.

Tourism is a major source of the French economy. It is the country with attracts more visitors worldwide, about 80 million; its tourists come mainly from North America, Japan, China and other countries in Europe. Paris is the main attraction, but France also receive visitors to the Riviera. France is a country with many attractions, in fact, next to one of the greatest historical and artistic heritage of the world, is among the few countries that can provide attractions of beach, mountains and countryside in various regions of the planet.

French cuisine

French cuisine is internationally recognized and who does tourism in France will enjoy it. Of course, you must pay special attention to the exquisite French wines which are considered the best wines worldwide. The French gastronomy is the result of a regional diversity, both culturally and in raw materials as well as for its refinement; French cuisine is considered an influence worldwide.

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