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This fertile island is an important international tourist center, especially the northern part of the island, around the capital. Rhodes was one of the most famous ports long time ago, best known for the Colossus, a huge statue that welcomes visitors and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Rhodes, actually is also a excellent point of departure for a tourist route through the island. If you need accommodation, search here for hotels in Rhodes.

Rhodes Travel Guide

Tsambika, very popular, is one of the best beaches of Rhodes. On the road from Pefki and the beautiful bay of Cabo Prasonisi Stafyliá: Glystra, Kiotari, Lahania are names to remember. Also the small island of Calcium has beautiful beaches that are only accessible by boats that leave every morning from the port of Emborio.

Visit the medieval town with its massive walls and minarets. There still seven gates of the walled city, the legacy of the Knights of St. John.

Rhodes port entranceThe Grand Master's Palace, damaged by an explosion long time ago was rebuilt by the Italians in 1856. The hospital of the Knights actually is the Archaeological Museum and the old cathedral of the Knights, just opposite, is actually the Byzantine Museum. The old Jewish quarter is located east of the Koskinou door, near the Martyrs' Square, with its fountain finished in three bronze seahorses.

Rhodes Port

Mandráki, the old Rhodes port also worth a visit. At Mount Smith, vestiges of the Hellenistic Rhodes, with a temple of Apollo, the restored Old Theatre and the Odeon. you must also visit the village of Lindos, 58 km from Rhodes, with its white houses as a fortress on a hill and a wide bay, ideal for swimming. Is famous for its Acropolis, fortified by the Knights.

Rhodes curiosities for tourists

Alexis is one of the oldest taverns of the island, with a variety of excellent seafood and grilled octopus.

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