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The Venetian charm and magic is undeniable: a city that seems to float on the wate attracts the interest of visitors from around the world. The romantic canals where gondolas move without the noise of city traffic or the bustle of urban life are the best framework for a dream honeymoon. There are many places to visit in Venice, and from our website we will try to offer the cheapest prices for car hire Venice, quality hotels in Venice as well as useful travel tips for your visit to this beautiful city in Italy.

Venice is not only the place where one of the oldest and most beautiful carnival in the world is celebrated. Venice, like most of Italy, is also a city of art and culture, with its many palaces and museums, ancient churches and fortresses, beautiful canals and bridges like the Rialto and the sighs.

Transportation in Venice is no problem : gondolas, acuataxis, vaporetti traghetti and make frequent trips for its canals and between the islands, however, is much better around Venice on foot, yes, armed with a good map to avoid getting lost in magic narrow alleyways.

There are hotels in Italy for all budgets, from luxury to affordable hostels. There are also camping places near the city.

We can find many ice shops, beautiful outdoor spaces overlooking the canals. The most popular souvenirs for visitors are the masks, stationery items and handmade glass from the nearby island of Murano.

The Piazza San Marco is the heart of this beautiful city in the center of the square, also with a impressive basilica is the beautiful campanile of the Moors. It is possible getting to the top of the Basilica and from the there have a beautiful view of the square and the sea, right under the feet of the legendary horses of San Marcos. In the opposite corner is the wonderful Palazzo Ducale which you should not miss.

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