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Holidays in the Netherlands

One of the countries with more variety of museums, buildings, monuments and tourist attractions is the Netherlands, and to waste no time on our next trip we will detail the main recommendations to visit Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The first of them if we want to get the most from our visit would be car hire Netherlands and of course booking in advance the accommodation, for this we recommend checking our prices for hotels in Netherlands as we compare prices from the main accommodation suppliers.

Things to do and see in the Netherlands

To visit Amsterdam and Rotterdam, two of the most popular cities in the Netherlands, we must organize an itinerary and as our first recommendation to visit, although the degree of importance is at the discretion of the visitor, is the Travertine marble monolith, building with over 20 feet in tribute to soldiers killed in WWII built in 1956. Then from there we can head towards the most famous meeting point in Holland, Dam Square, and is the most famous because it is the central meeting point where all who are visiting the area come , it is an area of ​​hundreds and hundreds and Dutch and tourists.

The itinerary follows getting to Oudekerk Temple, a spectacular architectural building that has the honor of being the oldest European church built in 1260. The story says that the famous painter Rembrandt was married in this gothic church.

Red Light District

Very near from the church we find the famous Red Light District, known for the incredible sexual freedom that is manifested in their streets, leave your children anywhere if planning a visit to the Red Light District in Holland. The Red Light District is probably one of the most popular tourist attraction for sexual services.

In our way from Amsterdam to Rotterdam we find the majestic Church of San Lorenzo, in Gothic style and dating from the fifteenth century, being the oldest temple in the city.

Finally, we can also visit the future tower in Rotterdam known as Euromast, built between 1950 and 1060.

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