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Norway tourist attractions

Norway is characterized by a spectacular scenery, an amazing nature, it is a magical place we can enjoy both with friends and family. Visiting Norway is an experience that can vary greatly depending on the season.

Norwegian fjords along the west coast is one of the main attractions for tourists, the called Norwegian fjords cruises brings the cruisers the beauty of the landscape, the nature of the fjords dotted with small picturesque villages .

The rocky columns of the Norwegian fjords rise more than 4500 meters above norwegian sea level creating a unique natural landscape, enhanced by glacial lakes, rivers and forests of conifers and deciduous.

Naeroyfjord is probably one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The small village of Flam is in Aurlandfjord and is the endpoint of Flam Railway, which connects the town to the mountain station of Myrdal, being one of the steepest railways route in the world and a popular tourist attraction.

Norway attractions

Cities in Norway

If you visit Oslo you should not miss visiting Oslo's famous painting "The Scream" , where the National Gallery and a Viking Ship Museum which includes 3 original viking boats. The landscape of Oslo gives us a beautiful view of the Oslo fjord, which although not being technically a fjord it is still nice.

In Bergen we will find the most beautiful city in Norway with 7 big hills and fjords surrounding it and its old harbor,an heritage site. This city was founded in 1070 and has one of the oldest trading ports in Northern Europe. The pastel painted houses will transport ourselves to the past.

The city of Trondheim is the place where we will find the cathedral, the largest building which remains from the medieval Scandinavia, built in the eleventh century. Next to the cathedral is a XII century palace with a display of Norwegian crown jewels

The festive city of Tromsø, 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, is known as "the gateway to the Arctic." , And is one of the strengths for adventurous tourists.

Islands of Norway

The Lofoten Islands, rugged high islands and above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway, are a popular place for artists who find inspiration in the beautiful landscape. These islands have protected bays, traditional villages which look from a remote past, fishing ports and beaches mixed in a beautiful landscape to watch. We recommend to visit Norway Route Kaiser, which takes you to some of the most beautiful places in the islands

Another destination is the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard , north pole, where visitors can marvel with its icebergs and glaciers with reindeer and polar bears.

Northern Lights

From late fall to early spring, the northern half of Norway (Lofoten North Cape) offers visitors a lifetime opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Although it is impossible to ensure that you can see them, some organized tours make excursions to places where it is most likely to be seen. Those trips usually last most of the night and are a highly recommended experience for you to keep a memory of Norway which certainly you will never forget.

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