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"An unforgettable experience", that is the phrase to remember once you are back to home and remember every moment spent on each of the Norway attractions during your stay, you can remember the beautiful museums Vikings , the majestic fjords, beautiful waterfalls, medieval farms, stave churches and of course the lunch you had with friends or colleagues, did you feel like coming back? Do not worry, Norway tends to produce that effect, the good thing is that you can return anytime, and from now in advance you can find the cheapest prices for car hire in Norway as well as accommodation deals in Norway, but continue reading to know more from this beautiful country.

Norway currency

The current currency is the Norwegian Krone, or NOK, equivalent to 0.125 euros, ie, for every Euro you can get 8 crowns. To travel to Norway is advisable to have some NOK, because although the use of credit cards is widespread, the Euro is usually not accepted in shops, and Norwegian coins are especially useful to buy a bottle of water or a drink, or even a delicious hot dog size XL, very popular in these country. As for prices, we can say that on average, a coffee can cost us between 25 and 30 NOK, a drink about 35 NOK, a beer about 60 NOK, a menu of some 80 or Mc Donnalds 90 NOK and so on.

How to pack for a visit to Norway?

As for the clothes in our suitcase, well, it would be necessary to specify what time of year we will go, but mostly we emphasize, obviating the warm clothes, it is always necessary in more or less extent even in summer, the footwear. Keep in mind that Norway is a mountainous country, and especially in the Fjord region (Southwest), which is recommended to visit. Of course, to walk through the cities, normal footwear will be more than enough. But as we leave the cities, just get off the car, train, bus or plane, we will have the feeling of being on the mountains. Sport shoes are always highly recommended. Is quite likely that it will rain during our stay, even in summer, so remember this when making your luggage. Also a fleece jacket or jersey can be very comfortable in the summer evenings.

Norway holiday

Norway cuisine

Regarding food, in Norway we will eat very, very well. If we choose a hotel in Norway, we will usually start the day with a complete and delicious breakfast buffet. For lunch or dinner will be very common in any part of Norway the fish, especially the delicious salmon, in any hotel or restaurant menu. The quality is exquisite, and if you like fish, you are really going to enjoy eating. for a more international dish, the pizza buffet, including salad buffet are very famous and can be very satisfying for tighter budgets for about 12 euros. But if you're going to drink after dinner, take in mind alcohol in Norway is subject to heavy taxes, and is really expensive. In this case, it is advisable to take a bottle of your favorite liquor in the suitcase, to enjoy it quietly in your hotel room, board, cottage, etc. But beware, drinking alcohol in the street is prohibited.

Visiting Norway

For visiting Norway, if you are a citizen of the European Union, it will only be necessary to present an ID card or passport. Social security and the possible need of medical care is guaranteed to EU citizens who provided their identity card or passport.

If you are going to rent a car in Norway and think about driving in Norway, you will find it a comfortable and easy experience, to know more about driving regulations in Norway visit the previous link. You just have to keep in mind that there are almost no highways, all are two-way road and we will often drive through narrow mountain pass, but are in perfect condition. The maximum speed in the country is 90 kms / hour. Driving is possible even in the winter months when roads are covered in white snow, thanks to the cleaning systems around the track, but remember you need special tires during those months.

And finally, regarding the language, if you do not speak Norwegian, don´t worry, but you will need to speak some English and if you are reading this website I guess it will be not a problem. All the population speaks English, better or worse, but speak it.

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