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How to drive your rental car in portugal

Once you rent a car in Portugal it is advisable to understand the driving law from this country as it may be different from your own. In Portugal the traffic moves on the right side of the road, it is advisable not to obstruct the high speed lane (left one).

Roads and highways

Modern highways in Portugal are limited; There is a four lane highway of about 360 miles (590 kilometers) from Lisbon to Porto. Tw lanes highways are in good conditions and connect the rest of the country.

Generally the roads will have 3 lanes, however the middle one is used to overtake other vehicles (and it is used in both directions so remember not driving using this lane).

When driving using rural roads be aware of signs indicating the presence of wild animals in the area.

Trams in Portugal

It is common to see trams running though the streets of some cities in Portugal and it is mandatory to stop the vehicle allowing the movement of the passengers getting outside or inside the tram where there is no tram platform. It is also mandatory to allow trams from the right side of an intersection.

Right of way

Vehicles on the right side of an intersection always have the right of way unless otherwise is indicated.

Vehicles on a roundabout have the right of way over those trying to enter it.

Parking in Portugal

There are many areas of blue parking where you have to pay for the parking time. Remember also to park your car always in the direction of the traffic circulation.


If you are fined while driving on Portugal you will be asked to pay it with cash or credit card. Skipping the traffic signals or not respecting crosswalks may result in the loss of the license or an important fine.

Using your cell phone while driving is not allowed and you may be fined, you must pay attention to the road.

We recommend not to drink alcohol at all, however the maximum blood level allowed is 0.05%, penalties for those with higher level are very severe and can result in prison.

Insurance policy is mandatory.

When driving in Portugal with a rental car, remember always to drive safe and respecting the traffic signals and crosswalking areas, better to be safe and enjoy your holiday than to be fined.

Fuel and gas stations

Gas stations usually remain open from 7 am to 10 pm, although some are open 24 hours. Fuel can be paid with either cash or by credit card.

Speed limits in Portugal

Remember to drive always under the speed limits, which are:

Driving requeriments

The legal age to drive a car in Portugal is 17 years old.
To rent a vehicle you must be at least 21 years old and have had the license for a period of one year. Many companies will add extra fees when the driver age is below 25.

Requirements for the car

Drivers must have an International Driver License, vehicle and insurance documentation. Ask your car rental agent at the desk about special law requeriments for the vehicle


The use of seat belts is compulsory for drivers and passengers and It is forbidden for children under 12 to sit in the front seats of the vehicle.

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