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Despite the similarities, Slovenia is not part of Central Europe, neither it can be placed in the Balkans. This small country is superbly represented by the four dragons guarding the Zmajski bridge corners.Remember when visiting Slovenia, that we offer low cost prices for hotels and car hire in Slovenia.

The tourist boats that leave from Plaza Prešernov, in the old town, offers a different perspective of the city: the river side, the palaces and churches reflecting on the water. The boats navigate to the neighborhoods of Trnovo Krakover which are separated by the Gradascia channel. Medieval streets and houses, some still with a garden. On our way to Trnovo, we will find a Roman wall (first century BC). Trnovo has a set of streets that surprise by the mixture of architectural styles.

Its university, with over fifty thousand students, contributes to the lively cultural life of the city. The main industries include automotive components, chemicals, electronics, appliances, metal goods, textiles and furniture. All Slovenia reflects a high level of culture. From its historical monuments, sculptures, architecture of its own buildings, order and good behavior of its inhabitants are a charasteristic of Slovenia. There are innumerable local, national and international cultural events daily.

Besides culture and history, Slovenia offers visitors a unique nature and no overcrowded. Leaving the capital, the tour of the west coming to the Julian Alps and Bled Lake, then descending to the Adriatic Coast, is one of the most attractive routes for a first trip to Slovenia.

In just 20,256 km2 (half of Switzerland and smaller than Sicily) converge eastern ridges of the Alps and Dinaric system, the northern Adriatic coast, the mountain range of Krasta (Karst) with its caves and underground rivers, hills covered in part by vineyards, the River valleys of Saca, Drava, Sava, Mura and others and the Pannonian Plain. Rocky summits down to the woods and pastures, in the south there are still almost impenetrable forests.

Slovenia map

Slovenia map

Slovenian climate

Slovenia is the meeting point of the Alps with the cord of Dinaric Alps and the Pannonian plain. So has the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, alpine climate and moderate continental climate. In January, it's winter, the temperature is between 0 ° and 5 ° C and in July it is summer, temperatures rise from 20 ° to 25 °.

Slovenian cuisine

Slovenian cuisine is strongly influenced by its neighbors. From Austria come the Strudel and the Wiener Schnitzel. Italy has contributed with risotto and ravioli, and Hungary with goulash. In restaurants and at tourist farms the cuisine based on ancient recipes are still preserved. The beginning of the feast can not ignore the "prsut" (air-dried ham).

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