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Almeria tourist attractions

If you are planning a holiday to Almeria, you won't have any problems in finding a place to stay. The province has over 5000 hotels, amongst which we will find 13 hotels of 4-stars, 3 hotels of 3-stars, 8 hotels of 2-stars and one of 1-star, plus we will find numerous low cost hostels. Finding a hotel in Almeria is not a problem, but we do recommend to search with plenty of time ahead to assure ourselves the best prices and more availability.

Things to do in Almeria

Amongst the top things to do in Almeria, there are museums where we will find collections of artistic and cultural interest.

Here below are a few of our recommendations:

The 'Casa del Cine' (house of the cinema), where they exhibit the movies filmed in Almeria and John Lennon’s stay in the city. Amongst the most popular movies filmed in Almeria we’ll find: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lawrence of Arabia, Patton or Never Say Never Again.

The Shelters of the Civil War have been transformed into museums and are another of the many recommended places to visit.

The Museum of Almeria, where we’ll find archaeological exhibitions since prehistoric times till the Muslim presence, with Muslim coins and tombstones, as Almeria was an important production centre.

The Olive Oil Museum, where there is a replica of a 19th century street. We’ll find everything related to the production of olive oil.

'Puerta de Almeria' Interpretation Centre, an archaeological exhibition centre with roman remains and an old Caliphate wall that originally surrounded the city.

Almeria monuments

If you like the monuments in Almeria we recommend you to visit the province’s most emblematic monuments:

Amongst the Arab monuments and archaeological remains we highlight the following:

The Alcazaba
A construction of an old Arab fortress, surely built upon Roman or Phoenician remains, which began in the year 955. The fortress has several differentiated parts, when one was designated to the city’s protection in case of a siege, another area was the military camp and the third was for the Almotacin palace.

Great part of the palace is now in ruins caused by the earthquakes that devastated Almeria, although the castle that was built by the Christian conquistadors is in pretty god conditions.

The walls of Caliphate, of Jairan and of the San Cristobal hill
This wall is situated by the Alcazaba and was erected during the 11th century.

The cisterns of Jairan
The King Jairan ordered to build these tanks for the water supply, that today host a flamenco club.

The Christian occupation brought new buildings, many of them of religious origin with the aim of converting and scaring the population.

Out of these Christian buildings we can recommend a visit to the following places:

Santa Maria Magdalena Hospital, from the 16th century

La Misericordia’s Quarters, an old Christian military quarters from the 18th century.

We will also find numerous towers that were used as a coastal defensive front against the constant attacks of the Berber pirates.

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