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Sierra Cabrera in Almeria

Sierra Cabrera is situated in the province of Almeria with altitudes of up to 962 metres above sea level and with occasional snowfalls during the winter season. In this mountain range we’ll come across a few villages, although not many or with many inhabitants except for those that due to their proximity to the coast, maintain a higher density of inhabitants.

Sierra Cabrera receives more rainfalls throughout the year than the rest of the region, contributing to the characteristic and differentiated green scenery that contrasts with the climate in Almeria and the rest of the region.

Most of the mountain range is deforested caused by man since the 18th century, in the past it is said that most of it was covered by cork oaks and holm oaks. Today there are only a few centenary cork oaks left, the only ones left in the region.

The flora is varied with plants that we’ll find in the surroundings of the springs and cliffs, amongst this flora we highlight the oleander, the white Alamo, the walnut tree and even the oak tree and the arbutus in the most humid spots.

The fauna of Sierra Cabrera stands out for its presence of wild pigs, foxes, rabbits, hares and badgers. We’ll also see birds of prey and reptiles like the ocellated lizard.

Near the ponds we’ll find an endangered specie, the thighed tortoise and several amphibians.

In the mountain range there is a strong volcanic presence, in the volcanic area of Cobdar to be precise, where the volcanic rocks from the Jurassic predominate.

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