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Karst in Gypsums Natural Park in Sorbas

In Sorbas, Almeria province, we’ll find this Natural Park produced by the dissolution of minerals caused by the water in a special way in this area. The low rainfall present in this area has produced one of the best preserved Karst Parks in the world, quite recommendable to visit if we find ourselves in southern Spain.

We’ll be able to travel across the exterior or interior if we enter in one of the caves on a guided visit or on our own. One can go on various potholing routes around some of the most representative Karst caves in Spanish, English, French and German, which is why you’ll have no problems whatsoever in enjoying this small adventure.

From our page we propose 3 routes:

The basic route
This route of low difficulty is a good option for those that have a first experience in caves and is suitable for the whole family. There are many galleries along a simple itinerary and very horizontal, with short parts where one has to duck down or climb.

It normally takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete the basic route.

Combined route
This route of medium difficulty is suitable for those who wish to practice potholing whilst enjoying a beautiful underground scenery whilst going through the wide variety of galleries, some of them full of stalactites, stalagmites or gypsum crystals.

The time it tends to take in doing the whole route is from 3 to 4 hours.

Technical route
A route of high difficulty for those who want to a enjoy a real adventure in a route that takes place in the Treasure Cave, with spectacular crystals that we’ll find and with complicated spots for those who have never done potholing before.

There are certain parts where we’ll have to rappel with harness and the estimated duration is from 3 to 5 hours.

Apart from these three potholing routes, we also have other special routes available where we’ll be able to discover more of this Natural Park:

Didactic route
Generally it’s the one used by the groups of students that visit this place and covers part of the surface and of the underground surface.

Other recommended route is the trekking route known as “the flower of the almond tree in Sorbas”, where we’ll discover the beautiful landscape of the area while we trek through this circular 9-kilometre path that has a low difficulty which means it’s suitable for the whole family.

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