Almeria Trekking and Spain travel tips

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Trekking in Almeria

If we enjoy nature or we wish to do a bit of exercise while we’re on holiday, as well as enjoying beautiful natural views or viewpoints from where to take spectacular photographs, then this Almeria trekking guide will be very useful to you.

Almeria has small villages of great historic value where we can go for a walk and discover its history and monuments whilst we explore its meandering streets, inheritance of an Arab past that still remains even after having been conquered centuries ago by the armies of the catholic kings.

Amongst the villages that we can recommend its visit, and from where some of the best trekking routes in Almeria begin, we’ll find Bedar, where it’s worth mentioning mainly 2 trekking routes, the Mining Route and the Water Route. The village of Bedar, with typical meandering narrow streets that demonstrate its Muslim past, will provide us with routes that show part of its past, although in Almeria we’ll be able to find plenty of routes that are well worth it.

Mining trekking route

In the olden days this route was the one the railway used to do towards Garrucha to transport the iron minerals from the village of Bedar.

Following the path we’ll go through a tunnel we’ll find reaching the ‘Barranco Baeza’ viewpoint from where we’ll be able to take some great pictures of the impressive views we’ll see from there.

We continue the journey until we reach the Jupiter Hole and we finish off in the Serena Fountain.

Water route

Exploring this route we’ll discover great part of the Muslim heritage in a landscape of irrigation canals and ponds that help to maintain the area’s different cultivations.

One of the most interesting tourist points is the originally Arab fountain known as “Alfaquira Alfaguara”, where we’ll be able to see the use of the water from some time ago. Another place of interest is “Balsa Alta” (High Pond), a place of water storage, today in ruins, where we’ll be able to see some paintings that date back to the 10th century.

Continuing down the established path we’ll reach another pond with water, known as ‘Balsa de los Chorraores’, where we must highlight the lushness of several different plant species surrounding the area, an ideal place to rest, breathe fresh air and cool down.

Green Route of Lucainena de las Torres

A path that also runs along the old railway track of a mining train between Lucainena and Agua Amarga. In this area we’ll enjoy a walk along a very beautiful arid landscape due to the great amount of ancient ruins. This path is part of the Sierra Alhamilla.

Ascent to the Alfaro Mountain

A very popular mountain as it has appeared in many movies filmed in the Tabernas desert, mainly spaghetti western. It’s a 2 kilometre route, that although it’s not that long, it’s recommended for those in good shape as it can be quite tough.We could categorise this trekking route in the area of Tabernas.

Agua Amarga - Las Negras

A trekkiing route in the famous natural park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar where we’ll enjoy an arid area that joins two villages and where we’ll be able to take some beautiful photos of cliffs and of its great biodiversity while we explore this 4 hour route.

Path of the desert

This route is recommended for those less used to trekking due to its low difficulty. We’ll discover a place where they have filmed many cowboy movies and we’ll come across forested areas and streams.

These are only a few of the routes that we’ll be able to find and we hope to be able to update it little by little, so that you can thoroughly enjoy your visit to Almeria and its natural environment.

When is the best time to come trekking in Almeria?

Bare in mind that if you are thinking of going on many trekking routes in Almeria, the temperature in summer is pretty high so the best time to visit Almeria if we wish to enjoy long walks are the months of October and November, maybe even December. On the other hand, if we wish to alternate the trekking routes with the beach and the occasional swim, either June or September are 2 ideal options...leaving the months of July and August, the hottest months, for the tourists that want to make the most of the small coves and beaches in Almeria.

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