Weather in Almeria

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Almeria climate

The climate of Almeria is one of the main tourist attractions of this province of Andalucia. The municipality of Almería being next to the Mediterranean is characterized by a mild climate during the whole year. There is however a difference with other provinces located on the southern of Spain, the semiarid areas where many of the most popular west movies were filmed, even Laurence of Arabia was filmed in Almeria thanks to the local semiarid climate and the Tabernas desert.

The sun high in the sky during most of the year, 3000 hours of yearly sunshine with clear days and absent clouds.

Another difference in the climate of Almeria is the lack of rainfall throughout the year with no more than 250 mm every year, and even 150mm if we look at Cabo de Gata; there are places where the rain is more common and the landscape colours change to green as in the high peaks of Sierra Alhamilla, a very recommended place if we want to practice trekking in Almeria...but it is mostly an arid province in Andalucia.

Summer in Almeria is the driest season while October use to produce torrential rains.

Temperature in Almeria

Temperatures are mild throughout the year, averaging between 18 and 20 º C. This homogeneity is only altered by cold waves in winter when temperature can drop up to 5 ° C. This results in short, mild winters, with average values ​​that rarely drop below 12 ° C and total absence of frost except on the tops of the mountains. Summers are long with an average temperature of 26 º C.

Almeria Weather forecast

What will be the weather in Almeria for the incoming days?, check out below the Almeria weather prediction:


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