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Barcelona Subway Guide

If you are getting to this city and you do not plan to hire a car in Barcelona, or even if you did, but you want to explore the most populated areas of the city of Barcelona, using the subway metro system is a great option. Continue reading to know more with our underground guide of Barcelona with our tips and recommendations about the subway metro system in Barcelona.

Public Transport Tickets

You can buy single tickets for travel by subway from aproximately 1.5 euro each. But if you stay for more than a day or you will make more than 5 rides on the subway or bus ride from Barcelona, it is better to buy the T10 ticket (see below)

T10 Transport Ticket

On this page we discuss in detail the T10 ticket (ticket of Zone 1), only for transport. A T10 will offer you 10 journeys on the metro, FGC (trains  Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) have similar routes to the subway through the center of the city), bus, tram and RENFE in all sectors Zone 1. The main areas of downtown are in Zone 1.

It is possible to buy a T10 for each of the other 6 areas in the city, but for most of the attractions in Barcelona and the city center, you may only need a T10 (Zone 1), and this article refers to the ticket which covers the zone 1.

The T10 costs less than 10 euro and you avoid the hassle of buying tickets for each trip and also saving money. A standard single ticket will cost 1.45 euro aproximately, a T10 will make you save 6.15 euros in 10 trips!

The T10 is valid indefinitely and may be shared with other members of your group. To use the T10 for each person you have to put the card in the machine and then completely get it out of the ticket validation machine - this will let you pass the turnstile. Put the card in the machine again for the next member of your group. Every time someone in your group uses it, the T10 will add a separate trip.

If you are wondering where to get this card, you can find a T10 at any metro station and at Barcelona airport, next to the RENFE train main entrance. Please note that the T10 (Zone 1) is valid for travelling on the metro, FGC, TMB buses, tram and RENFE to Zone 1 from the center of the city of Barcelona. If you have to travel outside of Zone 1, then you must buy a T10 ticket to cover other areas.  The T10 is valid for the RENFE train to the airport, but is not valid for the Aerobus (rapid bus service to the airport).

A little known aspect of the T10 ticket.

The T10 ticket can be used in various modes of transportation and be counted as one-way, if your trip lasts less than 1 hour and 15 minutes. This means, for example, that you can transfer in the metro (if you leave the metro), then exit the metro and take a bus to complete your trip, or vice versa, when the total journey time is less than 1 hour 15 minutes. NOTE that you can not re-enter the subway once you have left it - this would count as another trip.

Barcelona T10 terms:

Barcelona subway map and shedules

All main entrances have a wall map of the subway lines in Barcelona to help you organize your trip. However, you can request a free map like the one below at the ticket agent.

Barcelona subway map

Day of the week Lines 1,2,3,4,5 & 11
Shedules for the subway system in Barcelona
From monday to Thursday 05:00 - 24:00
Friday 05:00 - 02:00
Saturday and  1/1, 24/6, 15/8 & 24/9 Continued service
Sunday 05:00 - 23:00

Please notice that Barcelona shedules could change without our notice. Hours of operation of the above table will change if it is a holiday date, generally, the subwayr will operate on the night before, but we recommend to confirm hours of operation with the ticket agent.

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