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Transport in Barcelona

If you are coming to Barcelona for holidays, you may be also interested in how good the public transport is, or if it is a good idea to choose Barcelona car hire as option instead using the bus or taxis. I will give for those who don´t like reading the answer right here: If you are thinking about discovering the surroundings, if your hotel in Barcelona is far from the city center, or you are next to the beach, car hire in Barcelona may be the choice...but if your place is the city center, then there are many other options for you, continue reading to know more.

Subway system

There is a punctual subway system in Barcelona clean and with air conditioning, which will take you to most of the places. The subway is especially useful in summer when it can get hot to walk.

Barcelona taxis

Barcelona taxiTaxis are an alternative to public transport. Licensed taxis have to charge you the amount shown on the meter. However, if you carry luggage they can charge you a small fee. Barcelona taxis are yellow and black and have a green light at the top of the vehicle that indicates if it is free, if you have any problem with a taxi, remember to ask the driver for your journey bill, so you can claim.

If you are trying to get to the downtown, the taxi can not be the best option. Most of the downtown is not accesible for vehicles. In such circumstances, you have two main options: use the Barcelona transport system (subway and buses) or walking.

Barcelona Bus

There is also a clean bus transport system in Barcelona. If you like more information about Barcelona buses, check our resources at the bottom of the page for a link to the official website.

Think that if you get a taxi once, it may be a useful option, but if you take a few taxis while on holidays, it would cost the same that hiring a car for a week; check our prices and think which is the cheaper option for your needs.

Walking in Barcelona

Surprisingly, the above means of transport are not necessarily the best for the city center and walking is a great choice! Why? ... because the downtown is not as extense as it seems.

The metro is excellent and you don´t have to wait the train for more than 5 minutes. However, if you choose to walk, you will be surprised to discover many interesting things about the city of Barcelona. Walking also allows you to appreciate the impressive architecture. Choose a street map and try to discover the city on foot. You'll be surprised how fast and easy it is.

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