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Barcelona is known as "the jewel of the Mediterranean " as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is also the most modern, individualistic and cosmopolitan city in Spain. Barcelona is located in the northeast, on the Mediterranean coast near the French border. The two official languages ​​are Catalan and Castilian (spanish).

Barcelona is a city that has a great cultural, recreational and commercial tourist offer. There are a million of things to do and see. The city is internationally renowned for having the largest collection of buildings of Art Nouveau in Europe. Barcelona has some truly beautiful parks, modern design rather than traditional. The nightlife is excellent and the city is full of restaurants, without any doubt Barcelona for holidays is a great choice.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Barcelona has some of the best architecture in Europe. Antoni Gaudí's works can be seen from anywhere in the city. Barcelona is home of the Sagrada Familia world famous unconventional church in Europe. This is undoubtedly the greatest work of Gaudi. It is inspired by nature and is filled with symbolism. For Gaudí the Sagrada Familia was the work of his life. He spent 16 years living in a lonely work trying to finish it. Until now, the church is not completely finished. The building is large and overwhelming, completely dominates the Barcelona skyline.

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