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Bilbao Restaurants and Gastronomy

In general the Basque Country is renowned because of its gastronomy, Vizcaya, and therefore its capital, Bilbao, is the leading exponent of the Basque cuisine. Due to its location on the coast, it is not hard to guess that the fish are the stars of this delightful show. Thus, bacalao al pil-pil or Bacalao a la vizkaina is the dish for excellence in all restaurants that practice traditional Basque cuisine; eels, stuffed peppers, marmitako, clams in white wine sauce or steak, are also excellent options.

Restaurants in Bilbao

You can experience a real great pleasure in the most famous restaurants dedicated to the best of the Basque cuisine, such as the Amboto the Guria, the Zortziko the Matxinbenta, the Victor, the Perro Chico or Mandoya, among others. For modern but also traditional dishes is Baita Gaminiz. You can eat excellently in other locations that offer an interesting value as Monterrey or broiler La Barge. If you want a bed or a Castilian style suckling pig, go to the Grill Aranda.

Bilbao Tapas

Bilbao food culture not only focuses on the food table. Perhaps more numerous taverns where you can taste the very typical spanish "Tapa",  enjoy special snacks in each establishment, accompanied if possible, with the best wine. Some places where you can find delicious tapas bars are: Urrejola Farketa, Lekeitio, and the legendary Iruña, a centenarian local which dates back to 1903 and decorated in Arabic style, more specifically Mudejar style.

Bilbao Pot

"Pot" is the name given to tour the bars and coffee shops drinking pots which is wine served in small glasses. The area of ​​"poteo is, without doubt, the the Old Town, Siete Calles and street Licenciado Poza and its surroundings or the street Ledesma. This practice is usually done before lunch or by the afternoon.

International cuisine in Bilbao

There is a proliferation of restaurants specializing in international cuisine in Bilbao, probably due to the cosmopolitan nature of the city. Thus we find places where the atmosphere and decor are very English influence, such as Atlanta, or restaurants specializing in German food such as Ein Prosit Bilbao. There are also oriental restaurants. Is the case of Peruvian restaurant chili Colorado or the Mexican Charro Loco, El, which also offers country music. Not to mention the idyllic Moana Beach offers fun activities.

You can find also restaurants along the coast that have nothing to envy to the capital restaurants such as smart Cubita in the lovely town of Getxo. The Andra Mari is next to the chapel of the same name, and has spectacular views Aretxondo. Both belong to the same owner and are in Galdakao. The Baserri Maitea is a hamlet of the eighteenth century and is in the symbolic town of Gernika. Undoubtedly, Bilbao and its surroundings have an offer for all culinary tastes.

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