Cadiz Natural Parks and Spain travel tips

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Cadiz Natural Parks

Cadiz will offer the visitor several different routes of great scenic beauty. Continue reading to know more about the top places to visit in Cadiz.

Natural Park of Los Alcornocales

This natural park extends between the coastal area of Tarifa and the inland mountain ranges, it’s one of the biggest natural parks in Spain where most of it belongs to Cadiz and a small part belonging to the province of Malaga.

The history of the area dates back centuries ago and offers a wide scenic variety where we’ll find a Mediterranean flora and climate. The proximity of this park to the Mediterranean sea provides an effect of mild temperatures all year round and characteristic special microclimate from other subtropical areas that favours the growth of forest vegetation.

This park has the biggest cork oak forest in Spain and one of the biggest in the world. Its position also makes it a must place to stop for a great amount of bird species that migrate to and from Africa crossing the stretch of Gibraltar.

Amongst the park’s fauna it’s worth mentioning the presence of mountain goats, weasels, wild cats, otters, polecats and Andalusian roe deer. There are now Palaeolithic and Neolithic cave paintings that represent deer in the area.

They have found evidence of Neanderthal human presence, these being the first settlers, and the passage of the centuries has left us in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales an important legacy that offers us megalithic monuments, Iberian, Phoenician and Roman remains and a few Arab defensive fortresses during the splendorous period of al-Andalus.

Amongst the places that stand out in the park are the following:

The park’s highest peak is found in the so-called ‘Aljibe Peak’, inside the Aljibe mountain range, situated between Alcala de los Gazules and the port of Galiz. Continue reading to know a very good trekking route in Sierra del Aljibe.

Sierra del Aljibe route

If you visit this part of Cadiz, this route leaves from the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales and reaches the Aljibe peak. WE’ll be able to practice hiking, mountaineering and even mountain biking along this path of low difficulty that offers a lovely Mediterranean scenery.

There are plenty of deer and roe deer, as well as birds amongst which well be able to see vultures, eagles, swallows, etc..

The route begins from Galiz Port, from where we’ll ascend till the top along the occidental side, and we’ll then descend along the Sauceda Gorge.

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