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Spain is ideal for enjoying the driving experience, Spain has many cultural attractions and beautiful landscapes whose beauty is described in many literary works. Driving in Spain is a fantastic experience and we can also enjoy the excellent cuisine of many restaurants which can be found on the road  while driving.  If you are coming to Spain and you really want to get the most from this country, car hire Spain is a must and we highly recommend it.

Driving in Spain

Now you know the reasons to visit the country by car, you need to know some basic driving tips before heading down the road.

The minimum driving age in Spain is 18 years. The Spanish Government has already put in place driver's license points , according to this model of novice drivers with less than three years experience starting with 8 points, while the number is 12 for drivers with more experience .

The speed limit for driving on motorways in Spain is 120 km / h. In Spain it is common the use of speed controls and radar to ensure compliance with speed limits. Be careful during holidays or weekends as it is when there are more police controls.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and refusing to perform the breathalyzer is a very serious crime. The maximum level of alcohol in the air is blown at 0.25 mg / l for drivers in general and 0.15 mg / l for beginners. The most serious offenses may result in penalties of up to six months in prison, fines of up to € 602 and the withdrawal of driving license for a period of one to four years. Beyond a possible sanction, the most important is your safety, it is better not drive drunk.

Traffic department changed the rules establishing as serious traffic violations when driving without a seatbelt or not using child seats when traveling with children. If you drive while using mobile phone or other device that diverts your attention,  the penalty involves the loss of three points.

Spain is becoming a very strict country when talking about traffic rules, just drive safe and enjoy your holidays in Spain.

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