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Are you planning your holidays to Spain?, continue reading to know more about this country and don´t forget the beach umbrella if looking for large golden sandy beaches!, Spanish holidays is a fantastic experience you will not forget. Spain has a population of more than 40 million people. Most Spanish people are educated in the Catholic religion but actually Spain is constituted as a secular state. It is an ideal destination for your holidays, because of the excellent weather unique in Europe, and we can find excellent locations for hotels at great prices for both economic and luxury hotels in Spain.

Geographically Spain is a very diverse country. It has large beach promenades as well as large snow montains where enjoying skying or snowboarding, there is nothing compared to the landscape of the Sierra Nevada found in the Costa Tropical, in places like Salobreña or Almuñecar, no more than a couple of hours drive from Malaga airport as example. In most of Spain is sunny during all the year with an annual temperature averages of 20 degrees.

Spain holidays in Granada

The Spanish lifestyle is more relaxed than any other country in Europe. For example, most businesses are closed between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm, the hour of lunch and rest, the time you can take a nap. This long break during the day allows families to meet for lunch and to spend more time together. However this is the theory, I have been living in Spain and this is not true, generally salaries are low and working hours are more than 8. It is not a very recommended job destination if you are planning to work better stay on your country and save for coming, Spain is recommended for holidays!

One of the characteristics of the Spanish is that they are very traditional, although it is a country that has other values, such as music or sports like football. There are arenas in most major cities and flamenco sounds much tablaos or theaters. In Spain you will be able to taste the best worldwide wines as they are made using traditional recipes.

In Spain you will find a holiday calendar full of great festivals throughout the year. The people of the towns and cities are dressed in traditional costumes and celebrate the festival late into the night. All this with a great variety of food, wine, sangria and beer.

Centuries ago, Spain was a great empire. It had many colonies around the world and Spanish is still spoken in those countries, in countries like Venezuela, Argentina, the Caribbean or in Chile. It was considered an underdeveloped country until the middle of the eighteenth century but then it experienced a fast economic development. Today, Spain is a prosperous nation with a well developed economy based on tourism and industry. In 1986 Spain joined the European Union, there still much to be done, but from the tourist side it is an ideal destination.

In the past, Spain was a place for elderly people in other countries who came to retire to their sunny shores, Spain still being a destination for the eldery people with sunny cities like Mallorca or Malaga where many people from germany and UK retire. However Spain is now being popular between the young people running away from modern life and stress of big cities who are moving here to live a quieter life. The Spanish lifestyle has much to offer. Nice people, excellent weather, spectacular landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle.

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