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Ibiza nightclubs

Nightclubs in Ibiza Nightlife

There are many nightclubs in Ibiza which worth the visit, let´s going to review the most popular nightclubs in the Ibiza nightlife. Ibiza is consider one of the best places in Europa for having the most fun at night. Are you considering coming to Ibiza and meeting its fantastic nightclubs?. Continue reading and keep coming back for the latest information.

Amnesia nightclub

Opened in the '70s, was one of the most original Ibiza clubs. At first it was a outdoors local. But because of the new wave of strict laws including the acoustic laws it had to cover both sides, the interior and exterior terrace.

Location is halfway through the main road from Ibiza to San Antonio. Near San Rafael.

Music varied. In the world famous Fiesta Foam-Foam-house and trance mixed with rock and pop. The foam comes sometimes to the neck and crowded nightclub!. Other nights the promoter CREAM British and German Sven Vath Cocoon offers a more sound and deep trance. Namely, streams of people and good music ... These are the most popular. Look for the Ibiza DJ Julian Love on the terrace this summer.

It was, initially, an outdoor venue, both inside and outside, where it is now the terrace. We can still hear stories about the endless parties and vibrant sessions which took place there, at the end of the music we can still could feel the ground shaking. Today Amnesia is an enclosure that still oozes with style and class.

The terrace is a large green house with palm trees, many bars and house sound, something more funky and smooth. It usually begins to cheer at 6 in the morning.

The interior is more trance-oriented with an incredible sound system and a laser show. And be prepared for one of the shocks of your life when the dry ice machine is launched! This shoots jets of cold air through holes in the ground - one of the strong emotions still allowed.

At parties like Cream (trance) and Cocoon entrances are paid between 30 and 50 €, depending on the month.Other days getting in costs between 20 and 30 €. A Vodka Lemon costs approx. 12 € and a beer 8 €, discount vouchers are also available.

Enjoy the video below from Amnesia for checking how is the nighlife in Ibiza and dont forget to set HD if your DSL connection allow it.

Check back soon more Ibiza NightClubs!

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