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Madrid nightlife

Madrid is one of the world's liveliest cities and the cities nightlife is well known for its widespread choice and its extensive schedule, as clubs are open until the small hours. Madrid is one of the best European cities for a night out. In the capital you can find some of the best clubs in Spain.

Spanish nightlife in general starts very late, no matter if you are in Madrid or somewhere else. Restaurants start serving dinner from 20.00 pm until 23.30 pm, and pubs don't get busy until 24.00. As a matter of fact, if you go at 24:00 to a club, you will find it empty.

Not only the locals of Madrid enjoy being on the street, doing Bar-hopping, from bar to the nightclub and from nightclub to after-hours; this is the general Spanish way of going out. Nightlife in Madrid is so abundant that the city can be divided into several night districts. Each one conveying a special style, music or people: Chueca (metro Chueca) is the gay zone of Madrid. Here you can find the most varied ambiance of the city, with a lustrous and refined nightlife. The most stylish restaurants in Madrid are located in this area. This small district is one of the most cosmopolitan and fun ones in the city. Huertas (metro Sol) is the favorite place to go out for tourists and foreign students. Here you will find many foreigners and Irish pubs mingling with Tapas bars. La Latina (Metro La Latina) is the oldest part of the city and the perfect district to enjoy a tranquil evening in the squares and terraces, having a drink and enjoying some Tapas.

Malasaña (metro Bilbao o Tribunal) is the most unconventional district of Madrid with young, alternative, rocker and punk people and is characterized by its bohemian and alternative atmosphere. In Lavapies (Metro Lavapies) you can enjoy multicultural environment with a considerable immigrant and hippie population, Indian restaurants, heavy metal pubs, Flamenco bars or Brazilian Bars. Argüelles (metro Moncloa) is the University district situated in the north west of the city. There is primarily a young atmosphere in the tapas area and cafes till night time. Close to Argüelles there is Moncloa, with most of the electronic music clubs of the city. Around Catellana square - Torre Europa can be found the more posh kids.

The majority of nightclubs open from Thursday to Saturday from midnight onwards. The closing time depends on each club and you can find places which stay open until 7:00 in the morning. Just to mention a couple of the most important clubs downtown: Kapital (calle Atocha 125) is situated in an old Theatre and has seven floors with different ambiences. Joy Eslava (calle Arenal 11) has been a meeting place of many celebrities since its opening in 1981. It is open daily and the atmosphere is more mature than in the former club.

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