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Malaga nightlife

Malaga is a very fun city both day and night, and even more when it comes to the months of July and August, its high season. You can feel the festive atmosphere all along the whole Costa del Sol and a night out partying is very common amongst the youngsters and the not so young.

If you find yourself in Malaga and want to enjoy the nights, the centre of Malaga is a pretty good option, and probably cheaper than in other areas on the coast. The bars and pubs in the centre are usually open till about 4 in the morning but the clubs and discos remain open till about 7, so you’ll be able to finish off the night out with a good breakfast of hot chocolate with ‘churros’.

There's a great amount of cocktail bars in Malaga and while we’re walking around trying to find one, you’ll be surprised of the large number of PRs there are whose aim is to drag you into the pub they walk for, normally offer a free drink or a cheaper price.

Some of these recommended bars or pubs are situated in the Mitjana Square, where 'La Botellita' or 'El Urbano' are the most popular.

Discotheques in Malaga

If you decide to go clubbing, it’s a good idea to get there early, the later you go the more you risk in getting charged an entrance fee. A good time is before 2am, in some discos like 'El Anden' or 'El Liceo' if you see a long cue it usually means there is an entrance fee to be paid at the door.

As well as the pubs and discos that we’ll find in the centre of Malaga, we’ll find other nightclubs all along the whole Costa del Sol, being rather popular the nightlife in Benalmadena (Puerto Marina and Solymar Square...also known as 24 hour square), in Torremolinos (Playamar), in Marbella and in the exclusive Puerto Banus.

As from 2010, it has actually become very popular to go out to the typical beach bars (called ‘chiringuitos’) at night, which are currently an important part of the Costa del Sol’s nightlife, and usually packed with people.

A few nightclubs and pubs in Malaga

Here below is a representative list of the main nightclubs and pubs in Malaga:

Nightlife tips

The discos in the centre of Malaga tend to have their drinks cheaper than any other place along the coast, where a drink in Benalmadena for example, or in any other place on the Costa del Sol, can cost up to 12 or 13 euros, a price aimed mainly for the tourist.

The locals tend to gather around in squares or parking lots before going out to drink before entering the nightclub and avoiding this way the high prices, so don’t find it strange if you see small groups of people hanging around in a square or in the surrounding area of a disco.

If you hire a car in Malaga, remember not to drive if you drink...fines are severe.

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