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Summer sports in Malaga

The Costa del Sol has 300 Km. of coast, of which the majority of the beaches belong to the province of Malaga, with an enormous offer of summer sports, activities and leisure. Its coastal area is prepared for hosting a wide variety of holiday dreams, from big hotel or apartment buildings with all the amenities to fishing villages with a natural environment, and even prehistoric caves. Malaga is also one of the favourite destinations in Spain for all those golf enthusiasts.

Scuba ping in the sea of Malaga

Malaga has 14 Km. of well-communicated urban beaches and with kinds of services available, many of them accompanied by a lively seafront promenade. Scuba ping in Malaga combines the time dedicated to this hobby with time dedicated to cultural visits, city tours and great bars and restaurants. It's mild winters and hot summers cooled down by the sea breeze, make of the sunny Malaga one of the favourite destinations for scuba ping.

Scuba ping in the sea of Malaga is just one of so many activities that can be done, as well as enjoying all the services it offers and the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Malaga has 16 beaches, and amongst them, ping in La Herradura will allow you to discover caves along the rocky wall of this coast that's packed with sea urchins, starfish, and even moonfish, with a smooth current and excellent visibility. Cantarijian is a natural reserve that is very popular amongst nudists and scuba pers. In Marbella, the towers of minerals are ideal for scuba ping, and in Maro (Nerja) there's an interior waterfall that ends in the sea.

Scuba ping in the sea of Malaga can be practiced with good visibility all year round, including at night. Any time is perfect to discover and enjoy Malaga under the sea, as it's one of its greatest treasures. Spending a holiday in the south of Spain is the ideal opportunity to try out a new experience that helps to relax, that surprises for the intensity of the blue sea, the slowness, the marine environment...strange to man and yet so near. All those experienced scuba pers have in the sea of Malaga, a very prepared area to discover numerous sceneries and scuba ping experiences.

Nautical sports in Malaga

The nautical sports available in Malaga are innumerable. Life on the beach, enjoying the crystal-clear sea, incites one to take up sailing, or to hire a boat one day and go swimming in its deep waters, or around its coves, or to go sport fishing (or recreational fishing). It's also a great place to try out water-skiing or even windsurfing, although it's not as windy as in Cadiz.

Malaga's inland amazes for its beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages, for its natural parks and villages with great personality. The city of Malaga, and the whole province in general, preserves numerous traces of its Arabic history, a culture that respected and preserved the beauty of these lands.

The sea of Malaga

The relationship between Malaga and the sea also offers the visitor another great attraction: The typical 'peascaito frito' (fried fish). The fresh fish and seafood and the ecological cooking, make the stay in Malaga an investment in the delicious and healthy Mediterranean diet. It's absolutely essential to try the Gazpacho, made with tomato, and the Ajoblanco, made with olive oil, garlic and almonds. The sea of Malaga brings to the visitor's table the exquisite prawns, clams, marinated fish and the typical fresh anchovies in vinegar.

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