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Spain nightlife

Spain nightlife

The Spanish people have a great nightlife culture and they use to sleep in general fewer hours than the European average. If you rent a car in Spain, take in consideration than authorities are very strict when drinking or driving in Spain at night around the most important cities in the Spanish nightlife; it is not strange to see cars fined on the right of the road and the police next to the popular nightlife places in Spain.

It is no surprise that the nightlife in Spain is so important in Spanish culture. The popular nightlife places in Spain use not to be in the tourist areas (except Ibiza and popular destinations in Spain like Malaga or Alicante); but are in important Spanish cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga and Granada as the most popular nightlife cities in Spain. Madrid is often known as the nightclub capital of Europe.

Spain nightclubs and prices

Prices for nightlife in Spain can be expensive if you get to the popular nightlife areas along the coast, or cheap if you mixt with the locals and decide going to other places. If you are looking for other tourist people, trendy pubs and high prices then go to the nightclubs on the costa, if not I would look for the city center nightclubs and night pubs.

Check the difference on prices below:

The same proportion for a beer, a juice...however you decide where to spend your money

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