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Things to do and attractions in Stockholm

Stockholm, one of the most interesting cities in northern Europe. Together we will visit some of the most interesting places and attractions that this city has to offer. Remember to check our prices for car hire Stockholm if you don´t like using public transport or for getting the most from your visit to Stockholm. For those who have checked for accommodation yet, check our offer for hotels in Stockholm or continue reading to know more about things to do and attractions in Stockholm.

Kungliga Slottet: This is the royal palace in Stockholm. Therein lies the King of Sweden. The magnificent building is located in the old quarter of the island's main city of Stockholm. This palace is very different from what would become used to see in Spain or in Western Europe, its architectural style is very impressive and dominant.

Among the most famous museums in Stockholm, we highlight the Vasa Museum. It is the jewel of this museum is a ship that was sunk by more than 300 years and, having been recovered in the 1960's, became a must when visiting this wonderful city.

An interesting place to visit is Skansen in Stockholm. This is an outdoor museum where we can discover the culture of the Nordic people for hundreds of years and family can visit a zoo with animals from the region.

If you want to enjoy breathtaking views of Stockholm, we recommend taking the elevator to Katarina. Elevator costs just 1 euro (you can also take the stairs) and above all is an excellent and renowned restaurant and the views will leave you breathless. If you like walking we recommend the old town (Gamla Stan) where you will find narrow and beautiful streets.

Activities in Stockholm

Im resume, among the activities that we recommend in Stockholm do not miss: visit the Town Hall and the tower (where the view is amazing). A visit to the old town (known as Gamla Stan) is a must for knowing the ancient and cultural side of the city. There we can get lost in picturesque streets and discover some of the secrets of more than 750 years of history. Small art galleries and quaint cafes and a visit to the Royal Palace and the Cathedral.

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