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Swiss climate

One of the most spectacular things of Switzerland is its flora and fauna. There is a big contrast in Switzerland, as example the contrast from the winter tourism, enjoying the best snow from the world famous mountains, the Alps, to the summer tourism walking the same colored mountains in every shade of green.

It is unimaginable the amount of green that can come into existence, and more amazing is how the same landscape can change so much from summer to winter.

The Swiss climate is submissive to the Alps, as in most mountainous areas, the climate will be characterized by snow, rain and cold, especially abundant in spring and autumn seasons.

Winter in Switzerland give us the oportunity to enjoy the ski, while during the summer, the weather is great, enjoying an ideal temperature, medium or hot, or cold, with visits to cities without umbrellas and coats in winter and no a constant water bottle in summer, preventing sunstroke.

The Alps is one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world. For ski enthusiasts, offers a number of stations and a lot of miles for skiing, for hikers, more of the same, but (recommended) better without the snow, for lovers of adrenaline, paragliding, bungee jumping, travel ballooning and other adventures.

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