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Located at the north end of Lake Zurich, on both sides abound expensive homes and roads to walk along the lake. The most known of the city are certainly Fraumunster churches and Grossmunster solemnly placed opposite each other on both banks of the Limmat River. The old city covered by this river and many of the most interesting buildings and streets are on its banks. The nearby Lindenhof is a strategic point which set up a customs border post in the Roman Empire. Around the old town are the Kreis (districts) of Zurich, arranged around the center in clockwise clock. In summer, the panoramic view of the city is beautiful, with mountains reflecting in the lake and a clear blue sky. The winter snow also creates a magical atmosphere.

Zurich's origins date back to the year 15 BC, when the city was founded by the Roman. In the tenth century, the town acquired city status. In the sixteenth century it was a center of religious reform under the leadership of Swiss Huldrych Zwingli. The modern Zurich is a city of bankers in a country of banks. This concentration of wealth can be seen along the Bahnhofstrasse, flanked by lime trees. All major banks have a presence in this place, especially in Paradeplatz, where elegant shops and designer boutiques line the street, interspersed with trendy bars and cafes ranging from attractive to Lake Zurich Hauptbahnhof.

Another of the sights of the city reside within the walls of its excellent universities. Zurich is a major research center that enjoys public support and private sector innovation in design and high technology. These exceptional facilities and exquisite atmosphere have turned the city into an important center for conferences and other events. The city also has a strong cultural life with more than 30 museums, art galleries, auction houses, an opera, orchestras and the Schauspielhaus theater, plus a good number of rooms for performances and exhibitions that encourage contemporary artists all artistic fields.

Citizens enjoy a high standard of living, which is clearly manifested in the multitude of modern and stylish bars, cafes and restaurants that crowd the old town. The look and beauty of the city is exalted with the long lines of pedestrian streets of the two banks of the Limmat River. However, for those who find the comfortable bourgeois lifestyle a bit bland, the city will find a handful of alternative sites. After all, this was the city that spawned the Dadaist movement, the antithesis of conformity.

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